29 Mar, 2023


An Overview Of Vanessa Lachey's Career

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Life's Highs And Lows For Her

With her time in the limelight, Vanessa Lachey has been through highs and lows in her personal life.

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News Headlines Began To Emerge

In 2006, when she started dating Nick Lachey after his highly publicized and messy divorce from Jessica Simpson, the Love Is Blind cohost began to make headlines as a VJ on MTV's iconic Total Request Live.

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A Lot Of Stuff To Deal With

During an episode of The Ultimatum, produced in 2022, Vanessa later recalled that he had been in a very public marriage and divorce, and I was forced to deal with all that stuff in the open.

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This Was Our First Time There

In that moment, when he said, 'I'm gonna let it go,' and I agreed, we fell deeper and deeper into each other than we had ever been before.'

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Relationships Forming

After forming a romance while filming Nick's 2006 music video, 'What's Left of Me,' the couple married in 2011 and welcomed three children: brothers Camden and Phoenix and daughter Brooklyn.

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Terrifying Experience

It was a frightening experience for Vanessa after Phoenix's premature birth, as she had to undergo emergency surgery.

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A New Child Is Born To Her

Several months after the birth of her youngest child, Vanessa revealed on Dancing With the Stars that she was on bed rest when her water broke. She was only 29 weeks pregnant.

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Single-Face Recognition

The baby was in the operating room, and I didn't recognize a single face, and I remember thinking, 'I hope he's OK. No worry about me.'

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Phoenix And Vanessa Have Survived

As a result of the terrifying ordeal, Vanessa and Phoenix survived and are now living happy - and jealous - lives in Hawaii with their family of five. 

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Located In A Tropical Area

Following the Philippines native's legendary role on NCIS: Hawai'i in 2001, the Lacheys relocated to the tropical locale.

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Taking Pictures Of Celebrities

As a result of an altercation with a celebrity photographer in Beverly Hills that same month, Nick found himself in legal trouble.

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The Way He Handled It Could Have Been Better

Vanessa stands by Nick in this drama, but she acknowledges that he handled it poorly, according to an exclusive source.

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The Behavior Was Inappropriate

He behaved inappropriately. She says that this entire ordeal has taught us all a lesson.

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