24 Mar, 2023


An Inside Look At Derek Jeter's All-Star Life aAs A Girl Dad

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Derek Jeter With Family

With his wife Hannah Jeter, Derek Jeter is raising daughters Bella Raine, 5, Story Grey, 4, and River Rose, 15 months, after retiring from MLB nearly ten years ago.

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Derek About Her Daughters

It is important that my girls learn the importance of teamwork, set goals, and deal with failure from sports, he says exclusively.

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Derek's Way Of Parenting

While Derek is encouraging them to play music in general, he does not want to force them to play anything specific. Instead, he wants them to find their passions naturally.

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How Do You Grow Up, Kids?

Sports weren't pushed on me, but he believes it's important for kids to try them at some point. Kids these young get the chance to be exposed to all sorts of career options and things, so you want them to find what they are passionate about.

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Importance To The Family

Family fun is also important. One summer afternoon, Derek set up the inflatable water slide and got his nails done by his daughters.

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Here Is A Small Tip About Parenting

When you come home from work, your kids are happy to see you, no matter how your day went. Even on a bad day, that's better than anything else you can imagine.

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Derek's Summer Trip

Taking the Jeep Grand Wagoneer on new adventures this summer is Derek's next step in his partnership with Jeep. 

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The Driving Experience Of Derek

Derek praised the SUV's features for a driver who is constantly on the go, despite its room for the entire family. He said he often rides the family in the car for school pickup, drop-off, and events. 'I thought about comfort and luxury, and Jeep was perfect.'

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Favorite Music Inside The Car

Derek plays her daughters' favorite music from the Encanto and Frozen movie soundtracks when he is forced to sit in the SUV's massage chairs.

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Derek's Effort For The Family's Comfort

They want this right now, and I'm trying to steer them in another direction, but they seem comfortable with this. I am doing old-school R&B with them now, and they are starting to appreciate it, Derek said.

Media Credits: Essentially Sports

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