02 Aug, 2023


An audience member was hit with a microphone by Cardi B

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Hit by the rapper over concertgoer

After a recent video of the rapper hitting a concertgoer with her microphone, Cardi B has become a viral sensation. Get instant updates from factswow.com.

Media Credits: Just Jured

Conversation among the fans

This viral video has once more started a conversation around the recent fad of fans tossing objects at their artisans while they perform on the stage.

Media Credits: The FADER

Reaction to the behavior of the fans

Cardi B does not sit back and smile politely when fans behave badly. She is all about getting even furthermore that occurred at her new show.

Media Credits: Twitter

The stretch by the rapper

Throughout the end of the week, Cardi B played out a little stretch at Drai's Ocean Side Club in Las Vegas when this occurrence occurred.

Media Credits: The Guardian

The throw by the rapper

Decisively, the rapper tossed her amplifier at the clueless concert attendee. Indeed, even after this episode, she kept on finishing her exhibition.

Media Credits: NBC News

Response video from Cardi B

Afterward, Cardi B posted a video of her response to the concert attendee sprinkling drink on her. 'Water and gas included in a real sense,' she said.

Media Credits: Masala

Using a mic to hit

This isn't the initial occasion when Cardi B utilized her mouthpiece to give a slicing reaction to discourteous fans.

Media Credits: New York Daily News

Hitting a fan with a microphone

During Remote Celebration in 2022, Cardi B purportedly hit a fan with a mouthpiece on different occasions.

Media Credits: HelloBeatiful

Concert in Los Angeles

A male fan slapped Ava Max on the face out of nowhere while she was on stage at the Los Angeles concert last month, causing her injury.

Media Credits: Digital Spy

Trying to avoid

However, the Rulers and Sovereigns vocalist tried to avoid panicking after the episode, and she took to her Twitter to communicate her resentment regarding the occurrence.

Media Credits: Essence

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