28 Jul, 2023


An arrest warrant has been issued for Jacob Russell, Rachel Beaver's ex

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Arrest for Jacob

Previous High schooler Mother star Rachel Beaver's ex Jacob Russell has been captured for the attack.

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Caught od Jacob by police

Russell was captured by the Bangor Police Division in Madisonville, Tennessee, on July 10 and is presently being held in prison on a $2,000 cash bond with a trial planned for August.

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Answer from the police

Police supposedly answered a call from Russell's dad, and he guaranteed his child 'took steps to beat him' and hit him upside the head, thumping his glasses off. Explore the news with factswow.com.

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Escape of Jacob from police

Russell then, at that point, supposedly ran off into the forest close to his home until he was pursued down and handcuffed by police.

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Mother, without the answer

Russell shot to reputation when High schooler Mother star Rachel Beaver didn't know whether Russell or Drew Creeks was her child's dad.

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The story followed by the fans

Fans followed Rachel's story in Adolescent Mother: Youthful and Pregnant season 2 as the pregnant youngster from Madisonville in Tennessee split from her little girl's father Streams before she conceived an offspring in February 2019.

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Stream of the dad

In the long run, Rachel uncovered Streams was the dad after she reached MTV about needing to star in the disputable series as she needed to focus on the battle of being single and not knowing who the dad is.

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Tracking done by the fans

In the show, fans tracked as she and her family encountered the ups and downs of the youthful mother, really focusing on her new child Hazalee, presently four years of age.

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Address doner by everyone

'The group has likewise been educated that there will be no season four. The enormous leader makers were all on the calls, and every young lady and every one of the grandmothers were addressed,' a source told the power source.

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Looking for the ban of show

'Everybody expected to hear that the show had been dropped, so it wasn't precisely a shock, yet being hard on a portion of the cast individuals without that money is going. It's a miserable day.'

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