American Idol Star’s Broadway Show Shuts Down Weeks After Debut Broken Heart

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Broadway Show of Britney Spears' Stop After 123 Shows, the show ends just eight weeks after it began, announced by producers. 'Once Upon a One More Time' was a show featured by pop music icon Britney Spears.

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Justin Guairini Instagram video shared this sad news

Justin Guarini, who played the role of Prince Charming, a major part of the musical for six years, for 'American Idol.' He shared a video on August 21, 2023, through Instagram about this sad news and said he was very sad to hear about it.

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Britney Spears remarks about the show before it began

The producers, James Nederlander and Hunter Arnold remarked that the show would be great before 'Once Upon a One More Time' started at the Marquee Theatre on June 22. They said Britney Spears's idea for the show was a long time ago. This is one of the first big projects after her conservatorship which ends in 2021. On Instagram, before the show began, Britney said the show was really funny, smart, and amazing.

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Broadway Show Reviews

When the show played in Washington D.C. first, the reviews it got were bad, but still, people wanted to see it. The reviews were mixed, When it came to Broadway, it was difficult to run the show because not enough tickets were sold. Only 47 percent of the theatre was full in the week ending on August 13, they made only $512,008, not enough to keep the show going.

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Britney’s last Show will be on 3rd September

Justin Guarini was very happy after its first performance because his efforts helped make the show. On his, Instagram he said, 'As a part of this Broadway for 6 years Waiting for every second was worthy it.' He shared a video on August 21, about the show ending. He thanked everyone and said, 'Sometimes, even when the team behind the show is amazing, things don't work out as we hoped. It is sad to hear about it, it's over and the last show will be aired on September 3rd.'

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Justin Guarini's Future Plans

Britney Spears's husband recently filed for divorce and hasn't said anything about the show ending. Justin Guarini said that the best thing in his career was being a part of his musical. He also hinted at his plans for the future. He said, 'To celebrate this great show he'll perform for two more weeks. After that, stay tuned I have exciting news to share.' He might have plans to travel with the show to perform in different places. The producers also said about their plans to take the show to other countries. Justin Guarini is also known for being in Diet Dr. Pepper commercials, named Lil' Sweet, an 80s rock star.

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