14 Apr, 2023


Amber Heard Faces Threats From Johnny Depp's Ex-Wife

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One Of The Hardest Times

The marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was one of the toughest times of his life.

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Breaking Her Silence At Last

Ex-wife Lori Allison has finally broken her silence and called Aquaman 2 actress 'horrible.' Defamation claims brought the globe to its knees.

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A Makeup Artist And Johnny Married

The couple parted ways within two years of getting married. Johnny married makeup artist Lori in 1983, and they welcomed a child together the following year.

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Achieved Success With Leading Actresses

Later, he became involved with leading actresses like Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, and Kate Moss. He shared two children with Vanessa Paradis.

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It Wasn't Very Comforting For Lori Allison

During an interview with Popcorned Planet, Lori Allison said she was scared that Johnny Depp would lose the case because she saw him in court.

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Gorgeous And Lovely

The young woman recalled meeting Amber Heard before, saying, 'I'd been to parties at his house, and she seems lovely, and she's gorgeous. What's not to like?'

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Continually Unhappy

'But as time went on, and I heard stories about her - she who shall not be named - he seemed unhappy all the time. I didn't see him a lot, so I cannot be certain,' Allison said.

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Several Things Affected

He said many things in court that affected me more - I broke down several times because I felt so bad for him.'

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A Very Private Person, Johnny Depp

According to Lori, Johnny Depp is very private, which is why I don't do interviews, so his coming out so wholeheartedly was the right thing for him to do.

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The Pain Is Unbearable

He probably wouldn't have died, but it broke my heart that somebody could do that to him. I thought it would be an epic train wreck, or it would be well.

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This Could Be More Pleasant

It could have been better what she did, and if legal things could be done to her, I would do them! If there was a way.

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