All about Loni Wilson

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Posted on: 05 Mar, 2022

Loni Wilson

Loni Wilson has been a former fitness model and CoverGirl in a magazine.

Age of Loni Wilson

Her present age is 37 years old.


Loni Wilson was married to Jeremy Jackson of Baywatch fame in 2012. 


Loni Wilson and Jeremy Jackson parted ways in 2014.


Jackson attacked Wilson in her West Hollywood home post-breakup


She even accused Jeremy Jackson of strangling her once.

Physical trauma

Wilson reported suffering from two broken ribs, neck injuries, and some scratches to her face due to that attack.

Unclear about arrest

There are no reports of any police complaint or reporting about such an incident. So, any arrest that happened or not is still unclear.

Post-breakup life

Wilson worked as an assistant at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Los Angeles.

Mental trauma

The former fitness model went through a severe mental breakdown in 2016.

Result of the trauma

The former magazine Covergirl failed to keep her job due to this severe mental breakdown.

Down to poverty

Wilson soon lost her job, apartment, and even all her money. She was later forced to stay on the streets.


The former wife of Jackson got indulged in drugs after her life crashed down.


Soon Wilson got addicted to drugs and became an alcoholic to cope with her situation.

Battling addiction

Since then, she has been battling an addiction to meth and alcohol.


Wilson’s friends tried harder to bring her out of her addiction. They wanted to put her into rehab, but she disappeared.

Defending herself

She spoke to The Sun and said she was doing fine and did not need help.

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