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Alicia Key's Brother Did Not Date Emma Watson. Confirms 'Claim To Fame' Castoff Cole

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Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys may be a 'Girl on Fire' though the star of 'Claim to Fame,' Cole Cook, has burned out. The 32-year-old Cook was under scrutiny when he ousted equivalent housemate Shayne Murphy in an ongoing episode. Reach Factswow.com to get aware of the full story.

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Shayne and Cook

Cook and Shayne have been smooching and forming a union, so the castmates are stunned when Cook sends Shayne home. 'It was not easy to send home someone that was too close to become fast friends. Though, we are here for the game', said Cook.

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The Ultimate Goal

Cole Cook emphasized that the definitive goal was to win the game where the show rewards $100,000 to the celebrity relative who can successfully retain their identity covered throughout the season. Go to factswow.com for latest updates.

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The Last Episode of the Week

During the last episode of a week, Shayne was solely the competitor on which Cook felt self-assured in guessing, though he knew doing so was just like 'bullseye on the back.' For Monday's episode, Monay persuaded Karsyn that Cook was linked with Keys.

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Monday's Thought On Keys

Monday revealed that before Shayne's exit, Shayne had stated her belief that the key's brother once dated the actress Emma Watson. He had a casual discussion with him. Monay told Karsyn that he was mentioned to have an ex-girlfriend who recently lived in London.

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Karsyn Conveys About Cook

Although Monay's details were inaccurate, Karsyn precisely disclosed about Monday's ceremony that Cook is probably linked with Keys. The two have shared half-siblings and the same father. Gather more info at factswow.com.

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Cook's Relation With Watson

Cole Cook clarified the rapport with Watson and shared a few Keys' reservations on the show. He opened up the initial conversation with Shayne when she was eliminated from the show.

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Cook Seeks Sister's Approval

Cole Cook, the sibling of Alicia Keys, prepared to participate in 'Claim to Fame'; he needed his sister's support. He approached Alicia for permission, and to his delight, Alicia motivated him wholeheartedly. She said, 'I am all for it. You can go ahead. We will have fun. Come back and win. It's better to come home and win'.

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Cole Cook's Journey

After Alicia's approval, Cook jumped into the world of 'Claim to Fame' and made a game plan with determination. He gripped the idea of drama and competition, but Alicia remarked on drama-free conduct. She encouraged Cook to win the reality competition of 'Claim to Fame.'

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