20 Mar, 2023


After 'Looking Like Jigsaw,' Blac Chyna's Facial Fillers Were Dissolved

By FactsWow Team

Getting Rid Of Facial Fillers

She is returning to Angela White as Blac Chyna continues her journey. Blac Chyna, 34, shared a video on Thursday of her facial fillers being removed after having breast and butt implants removed. 

Media Credits: People

Perform The Procedure

She was 'so excited' to have the procedure done. Currently, Chyna is filling her cheeks and jawline with dissolved fillers because enough is enough. 

Media Credits: BuzzFeed

The Process Is Not A Concern

'It all has to go out,' she explained. Chyna said she is not worried about the process hurting or stinging. She wants it over with. It's a question of dissolving everything, says Amini. 

Media Credits: Us Weekly

As Explained By Chyna

'Just dissolve it all back to where it started,' Chyna explained that she was tired of the look, and it was simply not flattering. It completely transformed her face. 

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Makeup Artists Were Frequently Contouring

She is just ready to be Angela again. It doesn't feel like it's time for Blac Chyna's Blac Chyna anymore, do you know what I mean?' she asked. 'I just want to be myself.' 

Media Credits: Daily Mail

A Similar Dramatic Look

She explained that makeup artists frequently contour her face with her fillers, resulting in an even more dramatic look similar to Jigsaw in Saw. 

Media Credits: OK Magazine

A Day Is Usually Enough For The Completion

The dissolving process 'works pretty quickly' and is usually completed within a day, with most people experiencing mild swelling. 

Media Credits: Glamour

A Full-Face Comparison

In the video, Chyna can see the difference in her full face from all angles due to the needle being removed from the left cheek of her face. 

Media Credits: Haute Living

Negative Side Effects Have Never Been Experienced

She thanked Dr. Amini for what she described as an 'easy process' after her last round of fillers were dissolved in her lips. 

Media Credits: 12thBlog

Their Experience Of Chyna Is New To Her

As she noted previously, Chyna has never experienced any negative side effects after having silicon shots. 

Media Credits: 7 Jours

Removing The Documentation

She previously documented the removal of silicone shots from her butt after getting them for the first time at age 19. In addition to having her breast implants removed, Chyna also retired her long stiletto nails as she moved up in life.

Media Credits: Glamour

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