Aesha's Surprise On 'Below Deck Down Under' With Motivating Reunion!

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Jason Chambers

The Captain of Jason Chambers is making news with an unexpected twist and sweet surprise. In the 'Below Deck Down Under' aired on the 21st Aug episode, the captain stunned Aesha Scott for treating the chief stew to a visit from someone special in her life, Scott Dobbo, her boyfriend.

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Jason Called Aesha to the Bar

When Jason called Aesha to the Bar, she burst into tears instantly and laid eyes on her other halfway. The duo was reunited with a long hung since she was sobbed into tears of joy. See more glances from Factswow.com and stay in the loop with us.

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Aesha and Scott

Aesha mentioned in her confessional that she and Scott have been together for two years, and they are still madly in love. They live in Breckenridge of, Colorado, our small base in the States.

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Aesha Loves Scott

Scott is adventurous and independent. He works at the Bar and is the best friend of Aesha around the world. The Bravo Star, Aesha, loves Scott so much. She familiarized Scott with the rest of Northern Sun's Crew as the team delighted on a beach day trip.

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Stew Margot Sisson

In 'Below Deck Down Under,' Stew Margot Sisson commented that Aesha reminded her of her sister's boyfriend, as she was easy to be around. Aesha agreed, saying, 'He is relaxing to be around.'

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Scott poked At His Love

Scott took a moment to poke fun at Aesha by jokingly telling her she brought a lot of energy to the group. 'I would say the same about you,' he said, adding, 'You bring all the energy.' This made Aesha laugh, saying, 'You can't have two me's, it'd be too far for anybody.'

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Below Deck Down Under

The season, 'Below Deck Down Under,' airs on Bravo Mondays at 8:00 pm. Take advantage of the most remarkable moments in the show's history. Read on to find out more at Factswow.com.

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Oh, Captain: My Captain

The franchise has seen its share of treasured moments, including Georgia's flirty behavior toward Captain Lee Rosbach in the Bravo series. The show is popular for its dramatic relations between the crew and their guests, making it a must-watch for reality television fans.

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Sometimes, guests' demands are over the top, like wanting a foam party. Seeing one guy partying in four inches of foam was both eyebrow-raising and epic. It was a wild and memorable moment in the history of the show.

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Bold Delores

Delores was one charter guest in the franchise's history, particularly for her reckless decision to go for a swim late at night against the wishes of Captain Lee. Despite the drama, it's safe to say that this moment was a shocking yet epic addition to the Below Deck legacy.

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Unforgettable Modern Family

Unforgettable Modern Family Barrie's blended family, fiancé, and ex-husband boarded the Parsifal III in season two of Below Deck Sailing Yacht and left the crew to accommodate a large group. Chef Natasha was tested with this trial, demonstrating the crew's ability to adapt to the needs of demanding guests.

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