30 Mar, 2023


A Troll Asks Khloe Kardashian Whether She Misses Her 'Old Face' Online

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Dealing With Online Haters

When responding to online haters, Khloe Kardashian doesn't waste any time. She barely paused to think before responding to what appeared to be a tone-deaf question.

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Respond To The Question Of The Troll

Good American co-founder Rick Sullivan bluntly replied, 'I miss my old face.' to the troll's question.

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Shared Her Workout Routine

True Thompson, 5, joined Khloe, 38, as she shared her workout routine wearing a black crop top and matching leggings at the gym. Khloe used a softening filter for the clip.

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Weightlifting Was Done With Her Trainer

During the video, an experienced personal trainer worked with her to lift weights, complete lunges, use a rowing machine, and walk on a treadmill.

Media Credits: www.self.com

Pre- And Post-Stretch Routines

A caption accompanying the post noted that she always stretches before and after her epic workouts, which is a 'game changer.'. 'We're Back Baby!' the caption reads, 'We're Back Baby!'

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A Recent Elbow Injury

This is the pace I'm at until my elbow is back to normal because I recently injured my elbow, so I'm using lighter weights and doing lower-impact exercises,' she explained.

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Feeling Accomplished After A Workout

Doing a workout makes me feel accomplished and badass,' she says in the video clip. 'I feel so good after I do it.'

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Spring Break Would Soon Be Over For Her

With a laughing emoji, True noted that explaining these workout moves is its workout. True revealed that she would soon be off for spring break and wore a chic braid.

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The Post Drew Reactions From Celebrities

Several celebrities reacted to the post. Singer Chloe Bailey wrote, 'you look so good,' and Kourtney Kardashian's big sister and ex Scott Disick supported the post.

Media Credits: E!Online

Having Such An Approachable Personality

She also earned props for being so approachable, even on social media. 'She is so approachable, even on social media,' said a follower. 'It shows how genuine she is.'

Media Credits: Us Weekly

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