A severe injury! What happened to Kim Kardashian?

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Kim Kardashian!

American media personality, businesswoman, actor, model, and socialite Kimberly Noel Kardashian originally came to public recognition as Paris Hilton's friend and stylist.

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Health issue!

The 42-year-old creator of SKIMS, Kim Kardashian, said on Monday that she had experienced a health setback, but she is now fully operational again.

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Post on Instagram!

In an Instagram Story post, the star announced her return to the gym: 'I broke my shoulder and tore the tendon, soreality I've been out of the gym a few weeks, but I'm back!'

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Revealed shoulder injury!

Kim Kardashian shared a video on Instagram showcasing her fit personal trainer Melissa Alcantara, also known online as Fitgurlmel. She admitted that she had a shoulder ailment.

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Clip on Instagram!

In Instagram Story footage, the women were seated in the weight room. At the same time, Kardashian mentioned Alcantara had obtained a can of KIMADE, a biotin-infused energy drink that the business mogul co-created with Alani Nutrition and launched in July.

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Life-changing opportunity!

Alcantara and Kardashian worked together for years to get the outcomes the American Horror Story actress desired. The fitness expert exclusively discussed the life-changing employment possibility.

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Kim fitness routine!

Kim said, 'I adore my body' to me. Alcantara said, 'I love my hips and the way it looks. She only desired more muscle. She wants thicker hamstrings since they draw attention to the entire leg. She also desires chiseled abs and arms.

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Workout sessions of Kim!

Six days a week, with three days devoted to legs, were set aside by Kardashian for gym sessions that targeted her shoulders, biceps/triceps, chest, and back. They also included low-intensity walks in their cardio routine.

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Kim is back in the gym!

Kim Kardashian is in good spirits and seems glad to be back on her exercise routine, but after that injury, we hope everything is as fine as she is portraying.

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