08 Mar, 2023


A List Of Celebrities Who Are Total Jerks In Real Life

By FactsWow Team

Jennifer Lopez Avoids Service Industry Workers

Lopez's closest friends have reported that the pop star often denies speaking to service industry workers. She has been known to ignore them completely! The star rudely turned her head away when a reporter from her magazine asked if she wanted anything while on a flight.

Media Credits: Encyclopedia Britannica

Michael Jordan Pushed A Fan

He once pushed an older lady fan when she approached him for autographs. A legend of basketball and Space Jam could be better at dealing with fans. It's also known that he makes insane demands when dining out, and he doesn't even tip.

Media Credits: Times of India

'Off-Kilter Maniac' Kristen Stewart!

During the filming of Underwater, one user claimed the actresses caused so many problems that the production company had to postpone filming for a month due to the Jerk Celebrity thread. According to one user, she was constantly getting into verbal and physical confrontations on the set.

Media Credits: British Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence Is Extremely Rude

Lawrence admits she always puts on a 'mean face' in public as part of her defensive strategy. When a fan attempts to approach her at a restaurant table, she makes a face and says, 'No!' for a selfie.

Media Credits: Glamour UK

Ellen DeGeneres Firing A Server

Kevin Porter, a podcast producer, calls Ellen DeGeneres 'one of the meanest people alive.' Ellen DeGeneres, the host of the most loved show in the world, concludes every episode by saying, 'be kind to one another!'

Media Credits: E! Online

With A Microphone, Rihanna Hit A Fan

When performing 'we found love' in Birmingham, England, Rihanna deliberately struck a fan with her microphone. Later, she admitted that she deliberately struck the fan.

Media Credits: Twitter

Justin Bieber Spits On His Fans

Singer's popularity has declined since he was rated rude and arrogant as a teen pop star. It has been reported that he used racial slurs, spat on fans, and drove under the influence of alcohol. Yet, he is trying hard to make up for his poor choices.

Media Credits: Cosmopolitan.com

Tom Cruise Bashed Brooke Shields

A hot topic over the years has been the actor's short temper, overbearing attitude and intense rants against others. A fellow actress, Brooke Shields, was called irresponsible by Tom Cruise in 2005 after she took prescribed depression medication. As Cruise pointed out in his fiery Today show tirade, the downfall of her career was due to the drugs she took! Cruise's remarks offended many of his female fans and left a bad impression!

Media Credits: Wikipedia

Tobey Maguire Disrespected A Waitress

The actor made headlines in 2014 when Molly Bloom snubbed him at the table after he displayed loathsome behaviour!

Media Credits: Wikipedie

Doughnuts Licked By Ariana Grande

Her employees call her 'Diva', and she has a reputation for being cheeky, rude, and demanding tour managers and bodyguards to carry her everywhere she goes.

Media Credits: The Boston Globe

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