31 Jul, 2023


A drink was tossed on Cardi B; she threw the microphone at the concertgoer!

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Cardi B!

American rapper Cardi B is renowned for her strong flow and blunt lyrics.

Media Credits: The FADER

Weekend performance!

A weekend concert goer who tossed a beer at Cardi B during her set was hit with a microphone.

Media Credits: Just Jared

Targeted latest musician!

The Grammy winner, 30, became the most recent singer to be attacked with objects thrown at them while playing on Saturday at Drai's Beachclub in Las Vegas.

Media Credits: Twitter

Cardi outfit!

Cardi was dressed in an orange outfit during the performance and appeared astonished when a drink was thrown in her direction while she sang the song 'Bodak Yellow.'

Media Credits: The Guardian

The video went viral!

A new camera viewpoint of the event, which gives a closer view of the fan attempting to pour their cup towards Cardi, who kept performing after the mic toss, was retweeted by the rapper after the incident.

Media Credits: NBC News

Harry Styles got hit!

As Harry Styles exited the stage following his Love on Tour performance in Vienna, a fan hit him in the eye with a flying item.

Media Credits: Masala

Onstage incident!

The onstage incident came after those involving celebrities including Bebe Rexha, Drake, Kelsea Ballerini, Steve Lacy, Kid Cudi, and Pink, who were all the targets of concertgoers hurling things at or near them in the middle of performances.

Media Credits: New York Daily News

Rexha knocked to the ground!

In the middle of a performance in June in New York City, Rexha, 33, was hit in the face by a fan who had thrown his phone at the performer. Her eyebrow needed stitches when the phone split it.

Media Credits: HelloBeautiful

An object hit Ballerini!

While Pink responded when a fan tossed a bag holding their dead mother's ashes on the stage, Ballerini, 29, was recently struck in the face by an item during a performance in Boise, Idaho.

Media Credits: Digital Spy

Adele on weekends!

Adele even took a break from her Weekends with Adele performance at The Colosseum in Las Vegas earlier this month to speak about the most recent concert safety issues. For more updates about the incident that happened to Cardi B, click on factswow.com.

Media Credits: Essence

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