A Big Reunion; Prince Harry And Meghan Markle On A Birthday Night!

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Celebrating Meghan's birthday!

A body language expert analyzed the apparent conflict between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their date night to celebrate Meghan's 42nd birthday on Thursday night.

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Excellent night!

Meghan turned another year old, so the couple decided to celebrate the night before at the trendy Italian restaurant Tre Lune in Montecito, California.

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Rumors about the couple!

The un favorable press has also generated suspicions that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage may be in trouble and cast doubt on their love.

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Spotted out at dinner!

After the duke and duchess were sighted out together for a birthday dinner for Meghan, a body language expert evaluated the images and offered their opinion on why there could be problems in paradise.

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Outfit of the couple!

The birthday girl may carry a Cult Gaia purse and wear strapless, form-fitting white and black striped clothing. She is being followed by Harry, dressed in a light blue linen shirt and white pants.

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Happy mode is on!

Meghan is 'clearly in the lead and in birthday 'Star' mode, with her body language suggesting happiness and confidence as she engages in conversation with other people,' Judi said.

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Couple on a promotional video!

A recent commercial film for the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund, which awards scholarships to future leaders, featured the pair together.

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A-listed celebrities!

On date nights, it's common for A-list celebrities to leave restaurants hand in hand, sometimes with the male dragging his girlfriend along to seem protective in front of the media.

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