06 Mar, 2023


7 Songs That Fans Can't Wait To Hear Live On The AGUST D Tour

By FactsWow Team


It is a song that perfectly captures the traditional sounds of old Korean music. 'Daechwita' refers to the marching music used when kings arrived. With a fast pace and heavy bass and drums, it is a song you won't want to miss!

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There's no denying that SUGA puts all his heart into this track. You're sure to gasp at the speed with which he can rap!

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So far away

Music produced by SUGA is just so versatile that it is one of my favourite things. At the same time, he can deliver heavy songs, as well as soothing songs, like 'So Far Away!' The vocals of fellow artist SURAN perfectly harmonise with the slow rap mix!

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Tony Montana

BTS has already performed this song, but it'd be great to hear it again after so many years! It would even be great if BTS member Jimin made a surprise appearance.

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Give It to Me

Even though the song is short, only two minutes and thirty-four seconds in length, rest assured you will be satisfied that it is the second single off of his mixtape.

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Blueberry Eyes

So this does not necessarily appear to be one of SUGA's songs, rather, he appears as a featured artist, but this is one of the rare tracks SUGA features. The friendship between Max and SUGA cannot be underestimated.

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When the news broke that SUGA and IU would collaborate on a song, fans were ecstatic. However, they have yet to see SUGA perform the song at her most recent concert, 'Golden Hour.'

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