17 Apr, 2023


6 Most Famous Male K-Pop Artists In 2023

By FactsWow Team

Kim Taehyung 

Born on 30th Dec 1995, Kim Taehyung is a well-known global artist called ‘V.’ He became a part of the popular Korean group BTS and was recognized worldwide for his stunning and amazing looks. 

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Jungkook is a renowned Korean male idol vocalist who became a part of BTS, a South Korean Boy gang. Besides Singing, he is a superb songwriter, and his performances are idolized by fans and followers worldwide. 

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Sehun is a popular South Korean singer known as the best K-pop male idol actor and dancer. As of now, he is a dominant member of EXO, the Chinese and South Korean boy gang.

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Jin became a well-known member of BTS, co-writing and releasing three solo musical tracks that gained extensive chart success. He was rated the topmost artist in the Fact Music Awards and admired for his stunning looks, which helped him become a favorite celebrity. 

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Being debuted as the main member of SUPERM in 2019 and SHINEE in May 2008, Taemin is recognized as a reputed singer under SM Entertainment. 

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Being tagged as a ‘Genius Idol,’ Byun Baekhyun has gained three musical awards for ‘Best Male singer’ from 2019 to 2021. He was initially recognized in his college years through SM Entertainment mediator.  

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