40 Years To AC/DC’s Album Flick of the Switch

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About AC/DC

As you may already know, AC/DC is a famous Australian music band that is known for rock music. This band was started by two brothers, Angus Young, and Malcolm Young, in Sydney in the year 1973. The main genre that they focus on is rock and roll.

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Love Music Albums

Some of their most loved music albums are, ‘Back in Black’ (1980), 'Highway to Hell' (1979), 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' (1976), ‘Let there be Rock’ (1977) 'For Those About to Rock' (1981) 'Powerage' (1978) and many more. In this article, we will be discussing a failed album of AC/DC, ‘Flick of the Switch,’ which turned 40 this year.

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Flick of the Switch (1983)

Flick of the Switch is one of the few albums of the AC/DC boyband that were a disappointment. It came out on 19 August in the year 1983 and failed to move the fans. This was the initial album that did not reach good sales. It was also rated as the worst album of the time.

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Flick of the Switch Songs

This failed album covered ten tracks. They were written by the Young brothers and Brian Johnson. The ten songs were, Rising Power This House Is on Fire Flick of the Switch Nervous Shakedown Landslide Guns for Hire Deep in the Hole Bedlam in Belgium Badlands Brain Shake A total of 7 songs were sung live in performance by the boys during the years 1983-1985.

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Why was Flick of the Switch a Big Failure

After the success of the two albums, ‘Back in Black’ and ‘For Those About to Rock,’ the boys thought it was a good time to make changes to the band when it really wasn’t. They fired their main man, Robert John Mutt Lange, who was the producer. Malcolm Young, Angus Young, and Brian Johnson, who had substituted the former singer Bon Scott were on their own. Since then, the boys wrote the songs themselves and recorded them in a time span of less than a month. They also fired the drummer, Phil Rudd, during the recording gatherings as he was an alcohol and drug addict. He was replaced by Simon Wright.

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Album Flick of the Switch

To achieve the platinum certification, Flick of the Switch had to wait for a good 18 years. Due to all these abrupt changes and going back to the basics, the album was a big failure!

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August 2023 Has Marked Flick of the Switch’s 40th Birthday

AC/DC’s failed album Flick of the Switch turned 40 this August. Even though it was a futile album, it was still one of the few that the boys worked hard on after the removal of their main producer.

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