Leon was found safe after three months.

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Posted on: 07 Jun, 2022

At the Ruby checkpoint, a dog named Leon, which belonged to musher Sebastien Dos Santos Borges was lost on March 13, 2022. Now he is safely united with his owner in McGrath.

Story of Leon getting united: On March 31, Leon was spotted near a local homestead in McGrath. The owner of the local homestead left out food to Leon in the hope that they could try to catch it.

The committee coordinated to catch Leon: After knowing this news, the Iditarod Trail Committee coordinated transportation efforts to get Dos Santos Borges to McGrath to help capture Leon.

By the time Dos Santos Borges got to McGrath, a local community member was able to catch Leon and bring him by boat to his home. Leon and the owner got united: Sebastien Dos Santos Borges was reunited with Leon, and they will soon fly back to their home in France. 

Based on a report by race officials, Leon lost the owner’s grip out of his collar and coat at the Ruby checkpoint.

Owner’s mistake in letting the collar loose: Based on an email from the Iditarod, Dos Santos Borges switched Leon’s collar from a racing collar to a loose collar “despite protests” from veterinarians on site. 

Rules are going strict: After this incident, the rules committee discussed a new stipulation that requires more secure collars with a tracking device on the collars The dog was found 150 kilometers away from where he was lost.

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