Internet Perplexed By The Optical Illusion Of 'Giant Dog Sleeping In A Pool'

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 08 Jun, 2022

A photo of a sleeping canine has gone viral over the last few days, leaving the internet baffled whether or not it was a 'giant dog sleeping in a pool.'

The canine's owner, who goes by the username Feeling-View-2394, says the dog is a normal-sized Akita napping in a canoe, with the angle of the image giving a false impression that the puppy is super-sized.

They also added they had not realized they had created an optical illusion, 'Because I took the picture, I never realized how confusing it could be. Interesting.' So far, the Reddit post, which was posted on Friday, has garnered above 14,200 upvotes and 50 comments.

Technically called Spatial Relationship between objects with an image: Expert Photography says perspective is the art of making a 2D image feel like a 3D scene, giving the image depth.

It's technically known as the 'spatial relationship between objects within an image.' You can do several things to change the perspective of a picture, for instance, moving your camera from your eye level.

By changing the frame's perspective, the subject in the image can appear much bigger, as in the case of the Akita.RockyRickaby1995 said, 'It looks like a giant dog in an empty pool.' NXC160 said: 'Exactly my thought.'

Decibles wrote, 'Anyone else get r/confusedperspective and think it was a giant dog in a swimming pool for a second?' While cpgainer added: 'Yep. Gigantic dog in an empty swimming pool.'

Another user, Mr-Sister-Fister21, wrote: 'I thought it was some crazy street art in a skate park.' Shaggy_One answered: 'Well can you prove it's not?'

ParticularDebate1788 commented, 'Ooh love the fall forest in the background with her coloring.' Milktasd said, 'Beautiful dog,' and greengrower69 said: 'What a gorgeous coat of fur.'

MLyraCat added, 'Beautiful markings on your dog! Just love him/her!' with Chibeechu writing: 'Its so fluffyyyyy.' Star_butterfly123 wrote, 'I just wanna rub my face in his tummyy for ever!!!!' with electrical_Sun5921 adding: 'This pup looks like it would blend right in with the nature.'

Other Reddit users appreciated the picture itself.Stinkoo946 commented, 'This photo is very therapeutic to look at,' with Spoonbills adding: 'The color complements in this photo are *kisses fingertips*.'

The American Kennel Club says Akitas are 'muscular, double-coated canines of ancient Japanese lineage' famous for their 'dignity, courage, and loyalty.' They added that they are 'venerated as family protectors and symbols of good health, happiness and long life in Japan.'

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