04 Jan, 2023


Funny Images From Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

By FactsWow Team

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has unveiled finalists from entries of professionals to amateurs worldwide. It revealed a grinning monkey, a grumpy owl, and well-timed spots that offer rib-tickling relief.

Media Credits: Business Insider

What do you mean, Smile?

In the image of ‘What do you mean, Smile?’, the lioness ended with yawning but doing everything to conceal a grin. It seems that a lioness is a kind of serious business.

Media Credits: My Modern Met

What shall I write next?

In the picture of ‘What shall I write next?’, a snooping bear cub explored a penning ‘bear’ and an eagle feather memoir.

Media Credits: Bored Panda

Room for one More?

In ‘Room for one more?’, the guillemot had dinner at its beak and dived into crowds of hungry youths. It shows a sneaking suspicion to fly off in the hunt for more supplies.

Media Credits: Earth Touch News Network

Life is a Catwalk

A pair in ‘Life is a Catwalk’ showed with lapped-faced vultures of their stuff in the Kruger National Park of South Africa to serve a fine catwalk.

Media Credits: loveEXPLORING

What Cat-like Reflexes?

In the image of ‘What Cat-like Reflexes,’ the three-month-old lion tried to hit best to stop himself from tumbling down from a tree. It appeared quiet and went to plan.

Media Credits: Cattitude Daily

Not my Cup of Pebble

In the image of ‘Not my Cup of Pebble,’ a Picasso triggerfish is not fond of whatever is eaten because he is the latest meal from the coral that comes on the rise.

Media Credits: Colorado Public Radio

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