04 Jan, 2023


Amazing Facts About Dog Owners

By FactsWow Team

Dog Owners are Joyful People

Studies revealed that dog Owners are joyful in nature because dogs help them reduce stress and relax. While spending time with dogs, serotonin, the happiness hormone, rises. Serotonin elevates mood regulation and aids in reducing immense stress.

Media Credits: unsplash

Dog Owners Easily Interact with Strangers

Dog Owners are more open to interacting and approach strangers easily. They are more friendly in the real sense. Also, they are more confident and less fearful of social situations.

Media Credits: unsplash

Dog Owners can process Emotions

Dog Owners are more capable of processing emotions like sadness and anxiety; hence, they are less likely to feel anxiety or easily cope with day-to-day depression.

Media Credits: unsplash

Dog Owners are Healthier

Dog Owners are healthier. They have lower cholesterol or blood pressure levels. This can credit to the four-legged friends who can drive to do more daily exercise, and ultimately, it gives positive effects that work wonders.

Media Credits: unsplash

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