Beijing's People Are Baffled By A 'Rain Of Worms'

Beijing's People Are Baffled By A 'Rain Of Worms'

Published on March 13, 2023 16:39 PM by Andrew Koschiev

It is raining worms in China, according to a video that has been widely shared on social media. People carry umbrellas to protect themselves from worms falling from the sky. An article in the Post described a video showing worm-like creatures covering Beijing's roads and vehicles.

People carried umbrellas

(Image Credits: The Economic Times)

The video shows cars covered with creatures that resemble worms. There were clusters of dusty brown creatures all over cars parked alongside roads in Beijing, according to the video shared by Insider Paper. According to the report, people carried umbrellas to avoid getting hit by worms falling from the sky.

Common occurrences of this nature

New York Post reported that "worm rain has yet to be explained, but Mother Nature Network suggests that it might be caused by heavy winds that brought the slimy creatures down. A report from the periodical indicated that this type of occurrence is common after a storm when insects are caught up in whirlpools. 

Even though the video appeared fake, a Chinese journalist, Shen Shiwei, claimed that Beijing had not been experiencing any rain recently. Shen Shiwei tweeted, "I am in Beijing and this video is false. It hasn't rained here lately."

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