Live Streaming Of Chelsea Vs Borussia Dortmund

Live Streaming Of Chelsea Vs Borussia Dortmund

Updated on March 08, 2023 12:27 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Chelsea defeated Borussia Dortmund 2-1 on aggregate, with Raheem Sterling scoring in the first half and Kai Havertz scoring a controversial penalty. Germany's Havertz had the opportunity to make a difference for Chelsea, but he hit the post, just as he had three weeks ago when Dortmund beat them 1-0. A cross from Ben Chilwell to Sterling in the 43rd minute gave England the lead. 

On aggregate, Sterling put the team's level with a high ball scored by Sterling after he air-kicked his first effort. The penalty was awarded after Dutch referee Danny Makkelie pointed to the VAR screen after a Chilwell cross struck defender Marius Wolf's arm. As play resumed, VAR alerted Makkelie to Dortmund's encroachment on the area after Havertz had hit the keeper's left-hand post. 

First time losing after winning

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The ball went the same way again from Havertz's free-kick, but this time it found the inside of the post for an 81st-minute goal. Chelsea, who have struggled for form under Graham Potter, gained a boost after Dortmund lost for the first time after winning their last ten matches. 

As the beleaguered manager made history by scoring twice - Chelsea's first two goals since 2023 - in this 2-0 win over Borussia Dortmund, it could be seen as the game when everything changed for him. A bigger achievement was that it landed them in the Champions League quarterfinals, which is undoubtedly his first major accomplishment as a manager. 

That may seem over the top for a team that should be used to this level, but that's how bad it had gotten, and that's why this will feel so good. There was no other game that came close to Potter's biggest win. Only Milan away comes close. Potter is hitting his stride.

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Once again, relieved that the opposition is suffering

The best opportunity of the game was somehow missed by Jude Bellingham, who still needs to be the MVP he will be in the Champions League knockouts. As for Dortmund, they had so little else to play for, and Potter must be relieved once more that the opposition suffers. Thomas Tuchel's reign with Borussia Dortmund imploded, so Chelsea didn't even have to go through that process with him. 

At least it wasn't the malfunctioning coach that was an indictment of Graham Potter when a large vehicle carrying guests could not get into Stamford Bridge. In the end, an evening destined to make him a dead man walking, to use a phrase often associated with one of his beleaguered predecessors, Claudio Ranieri, ended with his best performance as Chelsea manager.

Extending the invitation to participate

That doesn't say much, though. In the shortlist of candidates, AC Milan only featured home-and-away victories over Dortmund before Dortmund won. In addition, the match involved a manager under pressure, combined with a first-leg deficit, making the match the best. 

Chelsea's Champions League participation has been extended until April because of Dortmund's problems arriving. It might have extended it by 10 minutes. In all likelihood, the same will be true of Potter's tenure. Although Chelsea is 10th in the Premier League, at least they can be considered a top-eight European side at this point.

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