First-Ever Paralympic Athlete, Medal Winner, And Taekwondo Champion Who Start Competing As A Student

First-Ever Paralympic Athlete, Medal Winner, And Taekwondo Champion Who Start Competing As A Student

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Within four years of competing, the Taekwondo and Paralympic champion who earned the status of most dangerous fighter is Evan Medell. He wins the position of top rankings in the sport's most competitive division. He told that every tournament allows him to learn something new and to enhance a better fighter. Do you have a wish to know a few more interesting aspects about the champion Evan Medell? If yes, then take advantage of reading this page.

Impairment In Champion Life

Evan Medell’s muscle power was weakened due to his impairment brachial plexus palsy. His impairment condition caused weakness and paralysis on his arm.

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Student At University When Started To Competing

While beginning to compete at the international level, Evan was 20 years old and a Business Administration student at the University of Central Oklahoma.

First Athlete And First Medal

Evan Medell was delighted with the prospect of being the first athlete in the Paralympic to represent the USA in Taekwondo and the first athlete to win the medal at the Paralympic sport competition. He said that the chance to be the first athlete is a privilege and an incredible opportunity.

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Ups And Downs, Before Winning Medal At Paralympic

In 2020, it was a fluctuation period for Evan that is he won a gold medal at the African Open Championships. But he lost at the Pan American tournament final and was stunningly knocked out in the final round of the Asian Open Tournament. However, he looked towards competing in the 2020 Paralympics, where he made his debut as a medal-winning player.

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Allianz Athlete of the Month for May

At the Oceania Para-Taekwondo Open, Evan Medell's performance had made his name voted for Allianz Athlete of the Month for May.

Love To Compete And Win OR Lose, Getting Better By Competing

Evan Medell said that he loves to compete, which will be a good measuring tool for his development. As well he also said that it may be a win or lose but competing against the higher level athletes will only brand you better.

Hobbies & Hero Of Paralympic Player Evan 

The Taekwondo's champion's hobby is watching mixed martial arts. The hero of the medal-winning Paralympic player Evan is Aaron Cook, the British-Moldovan taekwondo athlete; Jim Abbott, the US baseball player; and Nate Diaz, the US mixed-martial artist.

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