'Euphoria': Jacob Degrom Signing Elevates Rangers' Expectations

'Euphoria': Jacob Degrom Signing Elevates Rangers' Expectations

Published on December 07, 2022 01:07 AM by Sally Harbor

The Bruce Bochy 

The week after Thanksgiving, Ranger's employer Bruce Bochy was a little exhausted. Next Thursday, GM Chris Young knew how to make himself feel better.

He brought you some medicine. He brought you a pitcher; Young told Bochy over the phone. "So he asked who, and he replied, Jacob deGrom." He said he would never forget it. He couldn't be more excited to bring him here. First of all, he wants to thank Jacob for coming to Texas. But He also wants to thank the owner CY for bolstering the way they did to get a guy who is very important to us, the guy who will cheer this rotation up. You are in the game. Talking about one of the best launchers...it was a big need for us to have him show us the way. And having a player like that makes our club better.

The Official Announcement 

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The next day, the Rangers officially announced that he had won the CY Young Award twice in the National League for $185 million in five years. Both Young and Bochy highlighted the importance of a pitcher like deGrom on the team, not only in on-field performance but also in clubhouse leadership and preparation. He has heard many players say, Do you know what it's like to play behind someone like that? Young explained.

But with a staff ERA of 4.22 in 2022, How did the Rangers, a club on a six-game losing streak, sign one of the best pitchers of this generation?

The Rangers' interest started early. The Rangers front office and owners have been open to the club's desire to improve its starting lineup at all levels. Since free agency began, Texas has been in touch with all sorts of options, with deGrom topping the list.

The Zoom Meet For Negotiation

Both sides set up a Zoom one week before his Thanksgiving to speed up the negotiation process. Young said his expectations of meeting deGrom were high, but the right-hander surpassed everything Young had already thought of him.

deGrom says Young, Bochy, Assistant He's General Manager Ross of He seemed equally impressed with the Rangers, who Fenstermaker was waiting for.

"What he got from him was how passionate he was about supporting winners. He appreciated the fact that we were building a winning culture in Texas. He thinks they liked it," Bochy said. "A very humble guy who wants to serve.

Rangers' new skipper played against deGrom in the 2015 All-Star Game in Cincinnati when the incumbent was named NL-Rookie of the Year. Flanking Bochy with ten ropes until he's out of the dugout. He thought the Zoom meeting with deGrom and his team went well, but he didn't expect the signing to roll out so quickly.

He has always admired him, but you got a better sense of who this man was when you talked to him." It felt good. He knows many clubs talk to him, so you still need to find out his thoughts. However, he quickly made up his mind. He surprised everyone. They still feel the rest of signing someone like this... does a lot for other players. Hey, they are serious now. They will fight back and bring winning baseball back to Texas. Top-level to compete in the free agent market. In his opinion, it makes them more likely to continue to do so. They are open-minded.

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