Scientists baffled by Turkey's survival to 12 years of age: 'It shouldn't be alive'

Scientists baffled by Turkey's survival to 12 years of age: 'It shouldn't be alive'

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A Turkey was recaptured in the city of Pennsylvania and it sends shockwaves to the community of Wildlife. The community identified the hen as four times older than an average wild bird and making her oldest in the state is a record in the country.

Discovery by Biologists

The biologists found that the hen is about 12.5 years older. It was found by the researchers as they study about nesting and habitat patterns of wild birdsThe research team posted, that it is an attempt from the age perspective of a bird and it is a miracle that the maximum life expectancy of a hen is about 1 to 3 years but this hen is very rare.

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Mary Jo Casalena

A turkey biologist noted in an interview that the bird seems in good health for its age. Moreover, it should be recognized as Anomaly.Truly, the hen should not be alive but it defines that it is all about longevity records and these words were told to Mossy Oak

PA Game Commission

Warden for the PA Game Commission told to Mossy Oak when the researchers discovered a senior bird in February it takes a time to make a connection with the bird after some days the researchers tagged at it is about 10 years earlier than vehicle conduction in a field study.

World record 

Moreover, the tracking system is used to track someone or calls but here the tracking system is used to find the asses of the population of the spiciesMoreover, the record is held by the researchers of Pennsylvania for finding the oldest turkey bird which is about 12.5 years of age.

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