Supersonic jet will fly from China to New York in an hour

Supersonic jet will fly from China to New York in an hour

Updated on March 21, 2022 11:58 AM by Anthony Christian

Space Transportation

Space Transportation is developing a supersonic jet that can fly from New York to China in just one hour.They are working on a rocket with wings that will be suitable for space tourism and point-to-point travel.

that its jet will be cheaper

Space Transportation says that its jet will be cheaper than rockets used to launch satellites into space.On its website, Space Transportation has included a video that shows the speed it hopes to achieve.Several passengers board the supersonic jet in the video.A vertical turn causes the jet to take off.

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the launch boosters fall away

Several seconds after launch, the launch boosters fall away, returning safely to the launch pad where they can be used again later.Following its trek through the clouds, the jet continues its suborbital journey,

in just 60 minutes

traveling 7,000KM to its destination in just 60 minutes.Seeing the craft in the video is impressive, and even more impressive is the speed at which it travels.

Transport by 2023

Ground tests will be conducted by Space Transport by 2023. The company plans to conduct its first supersonic flight in 2024 and a crewed flight by 2025.This is an ambitious goal, but the company isn't done yet. It has also stated that it hopes to launch a crewed spacecraft by 2030.

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