You can see the five planets naked eye in April

You can see the five planets naked eye in April

Updated on April 14, 2022 15:30 PM by Ava Sara

Which are these 5 planets?

The 5 planets you can view with your naked eyes are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.The good news is you spot all five planets this April.

April 13 to 20 – morning planets

After the conjunction on April 4 and 5, Mars and Saturn have spread out. On the other hand, Venus shines with these two planets in the pre-dawn skies throughout the month. However, in the latter part of the month, a fourth planet joins the trio, i.e., Jupiter.

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Where can you see Jupiter?

Last winter, Jupiter left the evening skies. It has emerged in the eastern sky just before the rising of the Sun.If you have clear skies and a clear view of the eastern horizon, you would have seen the planet on April 10 or 11.However, every morning, the biggest planet of our solar system appears to be higher in the sky. From April 13, Jupiter will join the other three planets, making a splendid sight.

A sequence of the planets

From April 13 to 20, the sequence of the planets from left to right will be Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn.You can see the best view of the four planets on April 17. That day, they all will appear at an equal distance in the southeastern sky.As we all know, Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and is also the hardest to see with the naked eye. Mercury can be seen in the evening sky during the end of April.

Why is Mercury hard to see?

Mercury is hard to see because it is too close to the Sun. So, it is always present during the daytime.Wake up early to see the four planets. Meanwhile, linger after the sunset to see Mercury.

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