Fly To Mars when you Get Bored In Earth Read and Come Out with Interesting Facts about Red Planet

Fly To Mars when you Get Bored In Earth Read and Come Out with Interesting Facts about Red Planet

Updated on October 13, 2021 03:00 AM by Anna P

Mars is there waiting to be reached. Serious researches and discoveries are going can humans build a cafeteria and drink hot chocolate? If it is so, I will book mine. Scientists are very much Fascinated in sending people to Mars is a great Science Fiction.

It is neither an Apple nor a Tomato but famous for its colour Red. Mars is

You Look Slim At Mass

Today Many are lifting weights dieting themselves to decrease their pounds don’t do so. Better Fly to mass you Mars has only 38% of gravitational force when compared to Earth. So if you measure yourself on Earth, if you are 60 pounds on Mars, you will weigh only 23 pounds there.

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You like Moon, Then You like Mars

Hey, you like looking at the sky at night and staring at the moon's beauty in the dark sky, then you will obviously like Mars. Because Mars has two moons, one is Phobos and the other Deimos.

Viking Landers Landed on the Mars

There are many researchers Files that humans can survive on Mars. But Humans have not yet been to mars. The Robots have been sent to Mars to research fascinating Facts. Viking Landers was the first robot touched down the surface in 1976.

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Mars Has a Lake

Water is the primary source of human beings for their life. Almost all scientists believe that there are ice glaciers on Mars which is the source of water. But Flash news in 2018, there is a piece of evidence for a lake in Polar South Regions of the planet.

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Celebrate New Year once in 687 Days

Mars is a little far from Solar System, so it takes a long to make one orbit around the Sun. It takes Nearly 687 Earth days to complete its one orbit around the Sun. However, it takes 24 hours and 37 minutes to make one Day. So the Day is only a little longer than our Earth day, but it is nearly Twice our Earth’s Year.

I am the Second Smallest in My Family

The next little one of the Solar system family is Mars, with a diameter of 6,791 (distance from the equator) Kilometers, which is only half the size of the Earth.

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Take jackets when you go to Mars.

You will freeze like a polar bear when you get into Mars is a Little Far from the Sun than our Earth. So, the temperature takes slight variations than the temperature on the Earth. For example, at the Poles, it is frozen up to -140. But it is less icy at the equator with 20.

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Earth has Footprints of Moon.

Did you know? Asteroids hit the Red planet in sending debris into space. Some of the scarps fall into Earth they call meteorites. These are the bits of Mars on Earth.

Why I Am Red?

Mars is more familiar for its Colour. But have you ever been taught why it’s Red? Well, this is because there are many rocks on Mars full of iron, and when exposed by outdoors, they oxidize and turn red.

For example, let's take an old bike left outdoors for a long time in the yard; it gets dusty! Dusty! And dusty. When this dusty bike gets kicked, the dust from the bike is thrown out to the atmosphere to make the Martian sky looks pink. 

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