NASA says it is possible to travel back in time!

NASA says it is possible to travel back in time!

Updated on April 14, 2022 15:49 PM by Ava Sara

Feature time travel

We have seen many science fictions or fantasy movies that feature time travel. 'Back to the Future is one of the most famous trilogies from the 80s that starred Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown.It is a concept of movement between specific points in time. Movement between different points in space by an object or person with a hypothetical device called a time machine.

The time machine by NASA          

Powerful space telescopes like JWST or the Hubble Telescope are called time machines because of their ability to view very faraway objects. Light coming from galaxies or stars captured by these telescopes began its journey millions of years earlier.We cannot time travel in the way we imagine. The use of powerful telescopes like the Hubble Telescope lets us look back to how the universe once was.

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Observed a star

As early this month, astronomers announced that they observed a star that existed as little as 900 million years after the Big Bang.One of the earliest stars is thought to have died in a fiery explosion 13 billion years ago.The light from Earendal took over 13 billion years to reach the Hubble Telescope, effectively being looked back in time before exploring it.

Gravitational Lensing

It causes light to bend as it passes by objects with large masses like planets, suns, or even galaxies that allow us to see around and behind these objects.NASA explains that we all travel through time at approximately the same speed of one second per second. The way we experience time changes according to how fast we are traveling and also the form of gravity.

Time travel in daily life

GPS relies on satellite 31, of which four are needed to communicate with your device on the ground that let you know where you are located and help navigate you.Satellites are orbiting above the Earth at 12,550 miles above the surface. The effect of Earth's gravity is considerably weaker; thus, time passes more quickly by a fraction of a second.

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