Bold & Beautiful Recap: An Exciting Reaction From A First-time Viewer

Bold & Beautiful Recap: An Exciting Reaction From A First-time Viewer

Published on December 20, 2022 15:16 PM by Andrew Koschiev

In the opening scene, we see a private jet soaring through the air, and a scruffy-faced rich guy reminisces about kissing a brunette beauty. As they kiss atop a hill similar to the Sound of Music, she lifts one foot in ecstasy as he must be a good kisser.

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In the next scene, two very pretty blonde women are conversing. Although I am unsure if they are bold, they are certainly beautiful. They discuss how "Steffy" bumps into someone in disguise, which is the soap opera action I seek.

She says she's not going to push Ridge and Mom together anymore, and Mom looks relieved, so my pool fight is out. Steffy wants her parents to reunite, and maybe there is hope because she and her mother often stand silently at each other.

Mom and Steffy appear to be talking

  • There is a place called Forrester Creations where Steffy and Mom are talking and looking at clothes, just as dramatic as the books.
  • The truth was told about something, and Mom was glad to hear it. That's the truth on a soap! Dad deserves the truth about... something I don't understand.
  • The child wants her mother to hold her head high no matter what Ridge does. The couple hugs, Mom stares into space, and I understand. Ridge and love are both fickle.

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Reuniting is suggested by Brooke

  • Suddenly Brooke walks into the room, surprised to see Taylor back in town. Taylor tells Brooke she needs some time to herself after her wedding day gaffe.
  • During the conversation, Brooke suggests reuniting, Taylor says the love she shares with Ridge will be undone, and yes, this guy is a star.
  • Despite Sheila's toeless and menacing appearance, Steffy and the mystery blonde still talk about how horrible it is that she's still out there.

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Taylor and Brooke are staring at each other

  • As Ridge stares down, Brooke and Taylor have their eyes fixed on each other and confess their love for the same person. Their only other thing in common is their love for their children.
  • It is followed by much staring back and forth, ending with Brooke's catty smile, which makes me wonder if she is the original bad girl.
  • As daughters of Mrs. Ridge, they share the same loyalty towards their mother, which is pretty admirable. They also have gorgeous, flowing hair, which is pretty wonderful.

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