An Untold Story of Big Ed and Liz Woods' Relationship: From Love to '90 Day: The Last Resort'

An Untold Story of Big Ed and Liz Woods' Relationship: From Love to '90 Day: The Last Resort'

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(An Untold Story of Big Ed and Liz Woods' Relationship: From Love to '90 Day: The Last Resort' \Image Credits:The Hollywood Gossip)

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods started season 1 as a couple in'90 Day: The Single Life'  Since they both became a thing they went through several ups and downs. During season 1 they split up but right after the beginning of season 2 they resumed their relationship and announced engagement.

Are they Still Together?

Have you ever found yourself caught up in a thing which eradicates you internally but you are not ready to give up on it? Some relationships really work in the same manner. Some days you are all set to call it off but the other day you can’t even breathe knowing that you are not in the same place anymore.

As a single parent of a young daughter Lizz worked at a local restaurant of San Diego which is also the favorite restaurant of Big Ed and he met her at the same place. Lizz started with Ed as friends but after sometime Big Ed with the consultation of the dating coach on the season 1 premier gained the courage to ask Lizz and they started dating. But later they failed to maintain consistency and Ed’s insecurities played a major part in breaking up.

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Liz and Big Ed's stormy journey: A rollercoaster romance

(Liz and Big Ed's stormy journey: A rollercoaster romance \Image Credits:Insider)

Imagine breaking up 11 times and still finding a way to reconcile? Yes Big Ed and Liz Woods reconnected only to call it off again for shooting the season 7 “Tell-All”. It was no surprise that they broke up, since Ed had previously revealed how his family was suspicious of Liz's intentions. The fact that Liz remains in the toxic relationship with Ed suggests she is dealing with a lot of unresolved trauma. Because he knows she is traumatized, and she is so young, he is probably aware that he can play around with her. It was clear from his attempts with Rose that he enjoys controlling his partner. The only thing which remained common between Big Ed and Liz throughout their relationship was their never-ending commitment to each other. While Big Ed and Liz canceled their engagement, they appeared to be still working on the issues that arose from their relationship.

90 Day: The Last Resort and what to expect next

Will this last season work as the last pin in the coffin or it will be the reason for the happy ending? To know the answer of such a question you all have to wait and watch the coming season which is filming at fabulous Florida Keys resort.Finding your ways back to each other is more important than cutting paths with each other. Big Ed and Liz have faced trust issues and conflicting goals, but they aren't ready to give up.The couple have experienced much but somehow stick together through thick and thin. Nevertheless this will count as their last risk to evaluate if they can still be together or not.

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