Bob Weir's Net Worth

Bob Weir's Net Worth

Published on November 22, 2022 18:27 PM by Michael Davis

Net Worth                             $60 Million

Date of Birth:                          Oct 16, 1947

Place of Birth:                        San Francisco

Gender:                                   Male

Nationality:                              United States of America

The net worth of Bob Weir

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American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Bob Weir has a $60 million fortune. Weir is most known for being a founding member of the rock group Grateful Dead and contributing music, vocals, and lyrics to the group. Weir performed with other former Grateful Dead members as The Other Ones, eventually known as The Dead, even though the band split up in 1995. Bob mainly played rhythm guitar and sang several well-known songs when performing with the Grateful Dead.

Weir found time for a number of other endeavors when he was a member of the Grateful Dead. The Bob Weir Band, Bobby and the Midnites Scaring the Children, Ratdog, and Further were a few of these. Weir recruited other former Grateful Dead members to form a new band named Dead & Company in 2015, which was the start of his most recent endeavor. Along with the other Grateful Dead members, Bob Weir was formally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.

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Early Life

On October 16, 1947, in San Francisco, California, Robert Hall Weir was born. His biological parents placed him for adoption, and his adoptive parents raised him in Atherton. Bob attempted to study the piano and trumpet before picking up the guitar when he was 13 years old. Weir had musical talent, but his untreated dyslexia made it difficult for him to succeed in school. Because of this problem, he was expelled from practically all the schools he attended. While working at one of these secondary schools, he met John Perry, who would later join the Grateful Dead.


At the age of 16, Bob Weir entered a music store on New Year's Eve and saw Jerry Garcia, who wasn't aware that it was the holiday and was waiting for his music students to show up. After performing music together the entire night, Weir and Garcia made the decision to form a band. They were greatly influenced in their early years by the Beatles, who were at the height of their fame at the time. This ensemble went through a series of name changes before settling on the Grateful Dead.

For the next 30 years of the Grateful Dead's existence, Weir served as the rhythm guitarist and sang. Other band members started to worry in 1968 that Weir "wasn't pulling his weight musically." As a result, the band performed many gigs without Weir and Ron McKernan. However, this decision was swiftly rectified, and Weir continued as a full-time member.

Weir acknowledged that some of the complaints about his musical talent were valid, despite being permitted to rejoin the band. He worked hard to hone his guitar skills, and when the rest of the band saw this impressive development, they were impressed. His talents included mastering side guitar techniques and chord voicings.

"Ace," Bob Weir's debut solo album, was released in 1972. The Grateful Dead did, nonetheless, appear on the record. The single "Playing in the Band" from this album rose to fame, but the Grateful Dead had already released this song on their album "Skulls & Roses" earlier. Bob also participated in bands like Bobby and the Midnites and Kingfish around this time.

This pattern of events persisted until Garcia died in 1995. Weir decided to form RatDog as a result of this encounter. The songs by musicians like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Willie Dixon, and of course, the Grateful Dead were largely covered by this band. Although the Grateful Dead split up in the 1990s, Bob took part in a number of their infrequent reunions that took place from 1998 through 2009. Despite this, the name of this band was "The Dead" rather than "the Grateful Dead."

Weir and Phil Lesh started a brand-new group named Furthur in 2009. 2011 saw Bob open Tamalpais Research Institute, his own recording studio. Weir continued to perform with RatDog during this time while also working with Jackie Greene and the Black Crowes. Bob collapsed on stage in New York in 2013 due to obvious tiredness and other health problems. Then, due to health issues, he took a break from live concerts and postponed additional engagements in 2014.

Weir, though, was able to perform in Chicago in 2015 along with the other original live Grateful Dead members. This was advertised as the last show the four surviving members would ever perform. Weir later formed a new group called Dead & Company with John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti, and ex-Grateful Dead members, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann. All throughout 2015, including on New Year's Eve, they gave performances. Long after they broke up, this band remained intact and kept on touring.

Weir received a number of distinctions and awards throughout 2016. The Les Paul Spirit Award was presented first, then a Lifetime Achievement Award. Bob issued his second solo album that year, named "Blue Mountain." Weir started performing with Phil Lesh again in 2018 and also started a new band named Bob Weir and Wolf Bros. The Covid-19 pandemic essentially put an end to all live venues, but this latter group continued to conduct live performances until then.

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Social Media



Twitter: BobWeir


Q: What is Bob Weir doing currently?

A: There are 33 forthcoming gigs for Bobby Weir, who is currently performing in two different countries.

Q: Is Bob Weir dyslexic?

A: Weir, a 1947 baby adopted by a wealthy engineer in California, struggled in school due to his severe, undiagnosed dyslexia. He was sent to boarding school after being classified as a troublemaker, where he met John Perry Barlow, his future songwriting collaborator.

Q: Is Bob Weir a vegan?

A: Weir, who has been a vegetarian for a very long time, continues, "There was a point when Jerry [Garcia] and I both were vegetarian for a few years. And after being a vegetarian for about three weeks, a quiet peace descended upon me. It's there, I assure you.

Q: When was Bob Weir kicked out of the Grateful Dead?

A: Due to their lack of dedication to the project and the rehearsal sessions, Bob Weir and Pigpen were expelled from the Grateful Dead in October 1968. At the conclusion of that month, the band's surviving members performed a few gigs at the Matrix in San Francisco under the name Mickey And The Hartbeats.

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