Young and Restless fans have weighed down on Ashland Locke’s Downturn

Young and Restless fans have weighed down on Ashland Locke’s Downturn

Fans are loving Ashland Locke’s downturn

Updated on July 25, 2022 18:31 PM by Sally Harbor

A stir 

Ashland Locke has been causing a stir over with the fans of the show Young and Restless as his pursuit of Victoria Newman is mostly similar to when JT Hellstorm was stalking her.

The replacement 

Robert Newman was replaced by Richard Burgi as Ashland due to an error on Burgi's part regarding the on-set COVID-19 guidelines but Newman has definitely made the character of his own in no time.

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The pursuit 

Victoria swindled Ashland out of $250 million. Now with nothing to lose, Ashland is out for vengeance and everyone close to Victoria knows that she's the target and something bad is going to happen to her. For a fact that not even her brother Adam Newman, who is played by Mark Grossman bowed out of the family business and she's now top dog in Genoa City can protect her from Ashland's wrath.

Ashland and Victoria 

The teasers of the show strongly indicate that a confrontation between Ashland and Victoria is going to happen soon and it is most possible that Ashland will somehow be able to get out of it by faking his death and framing Victoria or someone else for it.

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The fans 

No matter what the outcome might be, fans took to social media to express how much they are actually enjoying the vengeful Ashland. Fans have approved of the vengeful Ashland and took to the social media site Twitter to reveal that they are liking his character even more after he is separated now from Victoria.No matter what happens, they were overwhelmingly happy to see this side of Ashland.

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The discussion 

Fans also discussed how satisfying it was to see Ashland become a hurdle for the family that Victoria needed to be taken down a notch. They also mentioned while Adam tried to warn Victor and Victoria, they were too egotistical to heed his warnings

Fans also discussed the fate of other characters such as Young Harrison. Young Harrison was the result of Ashland’s affair with Kyle despite being married to Harrison. 

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