xQc argues with Andrew Tete on Discord, the latter leaves

xQc argues with Andrew Tete on Discord, the latter leaves

Updated on July 15, 2022 17:52 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Discord call

Felix xQc had a Discord call with the co-streamers LosPollos, Trainwreck, and Adin Ross. Andrew Tete, who is a kickboxer and a controversial TV personality, was also part of the call. He began a debate on a hypothetical situation where a man saves a woman by sacrificing his life. Andrew Tate is already infamous for his views on relationships and women. They all were debating hypothetical situations circling the concept of chivalry. All the situations had a common key theme – the woman had better training or experience to handle the situation. Still, the man will take charge to fulfill the traditional gender roles.

In front of a bear

There were so many hypothetical situations; in one, a man threw himself in front of a bear so that the woman had the time to run. However, the woman had the perfect knowledge to save both of them. Another conjecture had a Titanic-esque. Here, a man gave up the last spot on a lifeboat for a woman. Though, she was a better swimmer. In another one, robbers broke into a couple's house. They had a gun, but only the woman knew how to use it. Yet, according to Tate, it was the responsibility of the man to go down with the gun.

Left the call

xQc disagreed with Tate and said if the woman had better training to manage the situation, why not let her take charge. Tate became very angry, questioned the streamer's manhood, and then left the call.Andrew Tate said before leaving, “To sit here and talk to a man who thinks he can send his chick downstairs to f@@@@@ engage armed men, I know I’m wasting my time.”

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