Whoopi Goldberg was criticized again for being disinterested during a live episode

Whoopi Goldberg was criticized again for being disinterested during a live episode

Updated on July 29, 2022 20:24 PM by Emily Hazel

A celeb called out Whoopi for being bored

The star guest who called out Whoopi Goldberg for appearing "bored" during her live TV show surprised THE View viewers.

On The View, 49-year-old Neil Patrick Harris promoted his newest film, Uncoupled.

The Starship Troopers star was considerably more interested in discussing Whoopi's dislike of Khlondike's chocolate tacos than anything else.

Nicola said: "It was amusing to watch this show!

"Because Whoopi Goldberg left after the argument about choco tacos began!

Everyone laughed at Whoopi

"We were just laughing at you backstage! They cut to you, so. Then something seemed to snap at you!"

"This is what the programme has come to," he concluded.

The scene is true to life. She's not talking, but you can't help you stare at her. Sara then asked Neil, "Have you eaten a choco taco?" The Doogie Howser, M.D. actor retorted. I've never heard of a choco taco.

The View panel discussed how Klondike revealed its plan to stop making the ice cream earlier in the episode.

The dessert manufacturer disclosed on Twitter: "We occasionally have to withdraw products, even a cherished dish like Choco Taco, which is a regrettable but necessary part of this process.

We hope you'll try some of our other delectable frozen delicacies because we realize this may be disappointing. The news appeared to shock Alyssa Farah Griffin, who also highlighted how "this beautiful childhood snack" had uplifted her.

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Whoopi was poorly insulted

"Slowly, I've met so many pals as we console and lament the loss of choco taco," Sarah remarked. Whoopi, 66, had an "uncomfortable" expression and turned to face the audience while looking bored.

Whoopi's "bored" expression was visible on viewers' TV screens, and some wrote online about how "insulting" it was to her.

Follower of The View tweeted: "NPH discussing Whoopi's response in the episode on chocolate tacos! 

She might be joking or pretending, but for some reason, it makes me feel KINDA uneasy. I try not to look sometimes. #TheView."

"Rolling her eyes and then staring into nothingness," a follower continued. She is receiving a sizable cheque for nothing.

I apologize

The Sister Act actress recently felt compelled to apologize to Sara, her co-host, which led to Whoopi's "bored" demeanor on the program.

Whoopi interrupted Sara just as she was about to script and ask Charlamagne Tha God a question during his interview.

When Whoopi saw what had happened, she extended her hand to Sara and said, "I'm sorry, sweetie. Your turn now.

Whoopi was reassured by Sara: "No, no, no! I believe I can obtain it when we return.

Whoopi turned back to the camera after accepting Sara's statement and said, "OK, we're leaving. But Charlamagne and I will be back straight away.

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