When will season 9 of wentworth be on netflix

When will season 9 of wentworth be on netflix

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The Storyline of Wentworth Season 9 

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Wentworth is a drama telecasted on Australian television. The pilot episode was telecasted on Soho Television in May 2013. The show was cancelled after it aired 100 episodes on Fox Showcase on May 26, 2016. The series was based on the life of a prisoner.

The first design of Reg Watson served as the base of Wentworth by Lara Radulovich and David Hannam. The show is based on the present time and centres on Bea Smith's played Danielle Cormack's initial days in prison, taking the course of her life after her journey as a prisoner. A tale based in the modern day. The show began to emphasise ensembling models beginning with the fifth season and continuing in the further episodes.

Most of the reviews by the viewers have favoured the show. The show's premiere episode was an Australian drama series with the highest number of viewers in the history of Foxtel. Some other countries, like New Zealand and the UK, decided to produce their versions of the show.

The eighth season of Wentworth will consist of twenty episodes. It will also air in two parts. The first part will run from July to September 2020. The second part will run from August 24, 2021. The last episode will air on October 26, 2021. The eighth season is important if you are waiting to get the hook. Hence if you are waiting for the ninth season, you are in the right spot.

Release date

The ninth season of Wentworth is the final episode of the show. It will be served and viewed as the conclusion. The Australian version had a large impact on the viewers of the show. The audience had never been so eager. Even IMDB users rated the show 8.3/10. The show was available on Netflix on October 27, 2021.

As the season gets closer to the end, the following episodes will reveal what happened to Rita after the opponents beat her to a severe extent.

Meanwhile, let us find out why Ferguson's decision to spare Vera's life. We can speculate Lou is progressing in his scheme, which involves Judy. If you are up to watching intriguing episodes, watch the next episode.

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Episodes of Season 9

1. Rogue


3. Ties That Bind

4. Judas Kiss

5. Unknown Terrorist

6. One Eye Open

7. Collateral

8. Will & Testamen

9. The Reckoning

10. Legacy

The cast of Season 9 Wentworth

The best part of Wentworth is each character gets a chance to outshine in its final season. Here is the list of the cast members.

Jenkins- Katrina Milosevic

Ruby Mitchell- Rarriwuy Hick 

Marie Winter- Susie Porter

Rita Connors- Leah Purcell

Vera Benett- Kate Atkinson

Will Jackson- Robbie J. Magasiva

Jake Stewart- Bernard Curry

Lou Kelly- Kate Box

Reb Keane- Zoey Terakes

Joan Ferguson- Pamela Rabe

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The plot of Season 9

Season 9 begins where Season 8 ended. Also mentioned that this is the last season with its few episodes. Makes it clear the makers will convey the story precisely. It will give the audience a chance to anticipate some concluding moments. But it still comes with twists. A good storyline of Allie Novak and Judy Bryant, a new character playing a deadly terrorist, will be super compelling this season.

Judy is a terrible presence, developing her presence through season 8. She robs Lou's many and plots the murder of a higher-ranking authority in the US government. The season ends with her killing Allie. In season 9, the most important question arose Allie she dead or survived?

Meanwhile, Judy is playing strong and deadly. But she will find herself in trouble even if anyone learns about her wrong deeds, which makes Season 9 interesting if these revelations happen.

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When will season 9 of Wentworth be Released On Netflix

In the last week, Netflix has launched a new genre of shows and movies. Shion Takeuchi's comedy show is a must-watch for you, surely? Netflix released the fourth season of Dynasty.

But let's assume you are one of the fans of Wentworth eagerly waiting for the premiere of the final season of Netflix. So here is the good news. You will be surprised to know that the series lasts ten episodes. It will be accessible on the streaming platform very soon.

Then it aired on Australian Television in May 2013. Since it was a fan-favourite show, Netflix has a set audience.

Although the drama has only ten episodes before it ends, the Final Sentence Clip will prepare you to binge-watch Wentworth. In case you are waiting for a sneak peek.

When will season 9 of Wentworth be on Netflix

So the good news is The Wentworth Season 9 was telecasted on October 27, Wednesday. All ten seasons will be available on Netflix.

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How many episodes does Season 9 of Wentworth include

The Wentworth Season 9, to be precise, Season 8 Part 2, is made up of ten episodes.

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At what time was the show released

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Netflix will be releasing the episodes at 3 am ET/midnight.

The Availability of Season 9 on Netflix

The centre of Netflix is California. Wentworth was revealed on Wednesday, October 27, at midnight. A pacific standard time. Suppose you cannot see the episodes when the clock strikes noon or 3 am. Hit refresh.


Hence season 9 of Wentworth is highly anticipated because the audience is eager to see this season as it is a set of conclusions and some great revelations which are fun to watch. So now it is clear that the show with all its seasons is available on Netflix.

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