What will we get to watch Today on The Bold and the Beautiful

What will we get to watch Today on The Bold and the Beautiful

Updated on July 30, 2022 17:40 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Finn is alive. Everyone is shocked

When Liam and Hope inform Brooke, Eric, and Thomas at Forrester Creations that Finn is alive, they are in disbelief. Although he has been through hell, he is still very much alive. Hope and Liam explain that they haven't been able to contact Steffy, Taylor, or Ridge to inform them of the situation. They all smile a lot more as they all remark that it is insane.

Bill urges Finn to get some rest on the Spencer plan

 Bill concludes that it had to be torture. But the doctor is overly enthusiastic. He recalls how his only solace throughout those days with Sheila was thinking about Steffy and the kids. Bill hands Finn the phone and encourages Steffy for another chance. He also tells her, "I'm coming to be with you, babe," in another message. I'll assure you that we'll soon be together. Taylor and Ridge see Steffy's doctor in Monaco, who tells them she is getting the best treatment imaginable. The woman says she doesn't know where she is, but they still want to see her. 

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Ridge objects to the notion that she may be absent

Steffy stands alone at a picturesque overlook, gazing out over the river while donning sunglasses and a black outfit. She doesn't know where she is right now. The doctor explains that she prefers to spend time alone recovering. Brooke is appreciative that Bill was able to locate Li and return her to his home. Eric chuckles as he imagines how wonderful Steffy and Finn's reunion will be. 

Liam is aware that Kelly will lose it

Thomas thinks it will be priceless when Steffy sees him for the first time. On the Spencer jet, Bill decides to give Ridge another go in the hopes that he will succeed. Taylor nudges him to pick it up. Ridge responds when asked whether she is. Bill demands that Ridge put him on speaker before telling the group to prepare for some startling news. As Bill informs them that he is flying on his jet to Monaco with their son-in-law, they scratch their heads in confusion. 

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Finn has survived

Bill, grinning, says, "Taylor, Ridge, it's me. I realize it's the mother of all shocks," and then hands the phone to Finn. I have life. Ridge and Taylor exhale loudly and need to sit down. He'll explain everything later, but he needs to speak with Steffy now. They pledge to text him the name of their hotel and how to get the kids there because they don't know where Steffy is right now while they are still in joyous disbelief. 

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They'll be together

Steffy wasn't there, but Finn disconnects and assures Bill it won't stop him; they'll be together soon. Steffy takes off her spectacles and looks out the window while shaking her head in confusion and asking, "Why, Finn? Why?" At Forrester Creations, Liam remarks that his father's jet should have landed by this point. Hope exclaims with delight at the prospect of the forthcoming happy ending. Eric and Thomas are in awe of how fast things happen.

Brooke can only speculate on Ridge and Taylor's reactions

Ridge and Taylor are in awe that Finn is alive in their apartment. Finn and Bill are at the door and knock. Ridge's son-in-law breaks down as he embraces Finn in a bear hug after becoming overpowered. Bill says he'll leave them alone to enjoy themselves. Finn says he'll leave them alone to enjoy themselves. "I'm grateful, Bill. I owe you money. She revealed pictures of her, Finn, and the kids. She had a dismal appearance.

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Finn makes pinky swears

She queries why her mother isn't present. Finn needs to find her. Taylor promises the girl he will return immediately. When they come back, they'll be a family again, Finn assures Kelly. After requesting to borrow a phone, Finn departs to find Steffy. Hope, Liam, Thomas, and Brooke at Forrester Creations talk about how thrilled everyone will be when they learn that Finn is alive, both there and at the hospital.

Kelly creates portraits

Taylor and Ridge stay out in the suite with Kelly while she creates portraits of her loved ones. Ridge summarises that as soon as mommy and daddy are reunited, they will once more be a family. After pounding the streets of Monaco in search of Steffy, Finn believes he has finally located her. Still, it's a female wearing a different dress than Steffy's.

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