What the 1000-Lb Sisters fans can expect from Episode 10 of Season 2?

What the 1000-Lb Sisters fans can expect from Episode 10 of Season 2?

Updated on March 17, 2022 11:50 AM by Dhinesh

Where can the fans watch the tenth episode?

Fans can tune into the stipulated time and date and get to watch the next episode.Fans can tune into the TLC website if they have missed the time and date for the following episode.The episode 10 spoilers is here - Tammy is getting stronger fighting the coronavirus.

Tammy’s weight is still an issue

Tammy’s weight will go up, and she still has breathing troubles. In short, Tammy is going to live in fragile conditions. Chris gets to weigh himself in, and Amy goes on to take an important decision in her life. In the tenth episode, fans further get to see a high point coming in the love life of Tammy Slaton.

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The airing time of Season 2, Episode 10

The 1000-Lb Sisters episode will air on TLC on March 8, 2021, at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time.The recap of the ninth episode of 1000-Lb Sisters is named - Labour of love.All Tammy can think about is that Amy and the baby are not getting enough food.

Amy and her husband Michael get ready

Amy and her husband, Michael, are getting ready for the surgery. They have decided to go through a C-Section to beat Amy’s pregnancy complications.The fans further see in episode 9 that Chris is working hard and even starting to hit the gym to get into the right shape.

Amy and Michael head off to the hospital

Fans see Amy and Michael heading off to the hospital with a baby’s car seat and a diaper bag. The ongoing Pandemic makes it difficult for the Slaton family, including Tammy, to visit the hospital. Fans get to know that after a few days, Tammy has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

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