What Fans Are Talking About Regarding Caryn's Ex & Children On Little People, Big World

What Fans Are Talking About Regarding Caryn's Ex & Children On Little People, Big World

Updated on July 13, 2022 16:40 PM by Emily Hazel

In Little People, Big World, fans are always wondering about Caryn Chandler's past, including her ex-husband and children. There are no secrets in her past. Caryn has kept her private life private from Matt Roloff for years, but now everyone wants to know about her past. Although Matt and Caryn have been dating for years, Little People, Big World fans are still unsure of Caryn's motives. It is widely believed that Caryn was the reason Matt and Amy Roloff began experiencing problems in their marriage. Viewers have questioned when their love connection occurred, but both deny they ever had an affair.

Matt and Caryn Roloff went to the pumpkin patch frequently, and Caryn was the manager of the patch, so fans might not have noticed how close she was to Matt. A die-hard Little People, Big World fan will discover that Caryn made her television debut while the twins, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, were still teenagers. Caryn was spotted at the main house in an earlier season, according to a screenshot shared by Reddit user Worldtraveler76. In the shot, she was accompanied by her now ex-husband and their two children. Fans inquired how it remained hidden for so long without anyone noticing her and Matt's relationship.

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The early photos reignited a discussion about a possible affair between the pair. A lot of viewers of Little People, Big World noticed how much she reminded them of Kate Gosselin from Kate Plus 8, another TLC show. A tank top was worn by Caryn in the photos, and her hair was in a cute ponytail. She looked slightly slimmer and had a cute ponytail. It appears that Caryn has always been around, even if she was in front of the cameras. When Mike's close friend, Caryn, passed away, viewers met her for the first time.

During the Roloffs' stay at the main house, Caryn and her party planning company threw a family party. In terms of Caryn's ex-husband and children, they mainly stay away from the show. Brittany and Connor, Caryn's two children, have only appeared once and have not appeared again. Even though many Little People and Big World fans believe that Caryn may just be trying to get his money, Matt and Caryn are still going strong. Viewers will always keep an eye out for her and when she appears in old scenes on the show.

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