Watch 88-year-old's unexpected strip tease act on 'AGT': Sofia Vergara raves over it

Watch 88-year-old's unexpected strip tease act on 'AGT': Sofia Vergara raves over it

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Tough decision making

A few weeks after the first audition, the final episode of "America's Got Talent" has arrived, meaning the judges have a very difficult decision to make. A final batch of contestants took the stage aiming to impress Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara before the judges announced which acts would proceed to the next round.

As part of this contest, singer Bay Turner competed. She is now a legal assistant after singing opera for over ten years. As a singer, he recalled the impact of two benign tumors removed from his chest that changed the course of his career.

During the surgery, the anaesthesiologist slightly damaged his vocal cord, paralyzing it. My voice has been restored through countless hours of instruction from voice teachers. Throughout his story, Turner hoped that his story would inspire others facing similar difficulties.

He added, "You have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps sometimes when things get tough. As a result, I decided to keep going. The crowd applauded when he performed Calum Scott's "Biblical." The power of your voice and your range was breathtaking, Mandel said. We feel your singing.

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Klum's statement

Cowell predicted that Turner would be liked by people, saying he possesses that "extra special" star quality. Klum agreed. The next round was sent to him after he received four yes votes. The first thing Vergara noticed was how nervous you appeared. There were no nerves anymore. It was just like nothing had happened.

Camille K, 16 years old from New Jersey, was also hoping to impress the judges with her audition. She began with "Let's Fall in Love for the Night" by FINNEAS. The notoriously tough-to-please Cowell cut her off only a few seconds into her song. Besides your voice, he said I would like to hear what kind of songs you write. It was OK," he replied.

Appreciation for the singer


Then she sang an original about loving someone despite having broken their heart, called "Still in Love." During the performance, Cowell praised the singer, and Klum said she just "had this gift." In her praise, Vergara outdid Cowell. Despite your beautiful voice, she thought it was much more than that. There was nothing like it. In response to the judges' unanimous yeses, the singer shed tears.A similar vocalist, Aubrey Burchell, took to the stage. An employee of Target revealed she was diagnosed with autism after competing on "American Idol" in 2018.

She wants to show other autistic people that they don't have to fit into a box to follow their passion. After performing The Weeknd's "Call Out My Name," she was in a puddle of tears. Your voice is fantastic," said Klum. Your pipes sound great.It didn't stop there for Cowell. "I think you did a great job remixing that song," he remarked. The notes may not have been perfect, but it makes no difference. We are just witnessing someone's career taking off. Burchell could win the competition, Vergara said. All four judges agreed with her.

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