Travelling With A Toddler: How To Keep Them Entertained

Travelling With A Toddler: How To Keep Them Entertained

Updated on October 21, 2022 10:36 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Taking a trip with a child who cannot sit still? Here are some tips to keep them entertained during the flight. Let's be honest. Taking a flight with an under-two is a source of mild to moderate dread for most of us. 

There are several questions parents often ask when travelling with their babies or toddlers, including how to entertain a toddler on a plane. Since most parents dread being those people on a plane where their screaming baby or toddler runs up and down the aisle, it's understandable.

Plane Entertainment for Babies

The best time to travel with an infant is when they spend most of the time eating and sleeping. If you fly with an infant, your flight with your baby will likely be one of the simplest. You don't need to bring any travel toys or books for your baby when they are between 0 and 3 months old.

You'll probably spend most of your air travel time feeding and watching your baby sleep. Likely, your baby will still spend a lot of time sleeping when flying with you at 3 to 6 months old, but he or she may also begin to take an interest in some travel toys. There are plenty of things around your baby on the plane, but here are some baby travel toys for this age that will keep her entertained: In this age range, babies tend to be more interested in playing with things on the plane than they will be in sleep.

A good audiobook is a great way to entertain yourself on the flight. Your baby will likely behave the same way and be most interested in safety cards, seat buckles, and window shades on the plane. You don't have to pack anything with your 9-month-old when you throw a plastic cup and spoon for activities on the plane.

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Baby travel doesn't have to be challenging

As one of our best tips for travelling with a baby, snacks are a great way to entertain a baby on a plane. When flying with a baby, spill-proof toddler snack containers are lifesavers. We always carry aeroplane snacks like Cheerios and Gerber Puffs that will take a long time to eat. A Bright Starts Clack and Slide Activity Ball were one of the best baby toys we had at this age during aeroplane travel. It worked well for holding our baby's attention for a long time, and it also worked well as a road trip toy. You can find similar options here and here. The Epic! Digital Library or a few travel-themed board books should have you covered for your baby's plane toys.

Plane Entertainment for Toddlers

A toddler is completely different from a baby when travelling on a plane. As your toddler gets older and more mobile, you will spend more time entertaining him or her on the flight. If you want your toddler to succeed on an aeroplane, you should provide him or her with enough activities. You don't have to fill your suitcase with toys, but make sure you have easy access to activities for your toddler while on the plane. Many of these suggestions are also suitable for toddlers on road trips.

Toddler travel toys 12-18 months

When a toddler is between 12 and 18 months old, flying with him or she can be very intimidating. Their attention is still short at this age, and they are very active. In our post, flying with a Toddler, we discuss all our tips for getting your toddler to sleep on a plane and tips for flying with a toddler.

In the book Happiest Toddler on the Block, there's a great illustration that shows an 18-month-old moving from one station to another for seven minutes in a nursery. Your toddler will only be entertained for a short time with the one-year-old toddler travel toys you packed for him or her.

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Is it possible to entertain an 18-month-old on a flight?

Taking trips down the aisle and playing with everything on the plane will be great activities for toddlers. They will enjoy the plane and the people on it. You'll be doing a lot of putting away and taking out, so simple toys are perfect for toddlers on aeroplanes at this age. The best aeroplane snacks for small children are those that will provide some distraction while they are on the plane.

Choosing snacks for toddlers on the plane that takes longer to eat, such as Cheerios in spill-proof containers, is a good idea. We like to continue reading to our children when we travel since it has always been an important part of our family time. Board books with many pictures are a great way to entertain a toddler on long flights. The First 100 Box Set has a lot of good board books.

Digital Library is a great app for kids this age. You can download many simple toddler books for your flight from it. You can take advantage of their free 30-day trial during your upcoming trip. You can cancel the service after your trip if you don't like it. KeepEmQuiet travel packs provide everything you need to entertain your toddlers while you are on the air if you don't have the time or energy.

The travel pack can be tailored to the child's age and size, whether for a boy or a girl. Among our toddler aeroplane activities, we also like to include simple apps. At 14 and 18, our toddler was introduced to a few apps. These travel toys are not long, but it is nice to have a variety of distractions that are easy to pack. Colour books, stickers, finger puppets, gel clings, and this cute buckle toy are all good toddler plane activities for 18-24-month-olds.

Choosing the right toys for your toddler (18-24 months old)

You'll find that toddlers will lose their attention when travelling with them between 18 and 24 months old if they're watching short shows. You can take a break now and then when flying with a toddler! Pack your toddler headphones before you take off. Here are some kid-friendly plane toys and road trip activities: favourite books, snacks, buckle toys, finger puppets, colouring books, reusable stickers, and crayons.

When your little one begins to love colouring, the My First Big Book of Coloring is great. With 200 pages, it is a bit large to take on a short trip, so Toddler Coloring Book and My Plane Trip are great alternatives. We always download a few episodes from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video onto our iPads for offline viewing.

Our kids loved Little Baby Bum at this age and kept their attention for quite a while. Epic! Digital Library is a reading app we constantly use for travel. We can read as much as we want to our kids with it without carrying around heavy books. It has thousands of books for babies and toddlers on your phone and tablet.

Almost all Epic stories can be downloaded so that you can read them on a plane. Stories are Epic's best feature for travellers. Our kids would enjoy reading these stories for hours on end if we'd let them. The app reads aloud to them and highlights the words, making it a great alternative to Netflix cartoons. Watch a movie or listen to an audiobook with this feature.

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