The Mark Twain Prize Gala Featured Remarks From Chris Rock On 'The Slap

The Mark Twain Prize Gala Featured Remarks From Chris Rock On 'The Slap

Updated on March 27, 2023 11:52 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Chris Rock complained about the Oscars snubbing Adam Sandler's performance in "Uncut Gems" during his toast at the Kennedy Center Honors Sunday night. Rock said Sandler's role as the gambling-addicted jeweler Howard Ratner in the Safdie brothers' 2019 movie "nobody comes even close" to Sandler's in his Mark Twain Prize acceptance speech.

A joke about the Oscar slap

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In response to Rock's comments, he said that the Oscars are fucking assholes and that if they refuse to honor Rock's man, we will do it. He also joked about the Oscars he attended in 2022, during which Will Smith slapped Rock on stage. According to him, the incident was like the attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul, who was beaten with a hammer after breaking into his San Francisco home.

Chris Rock with Paul Pelosi

He said, reportedly eliciting laughter from the audience, "Paul Pelosi is the only person who knows how I feel. In a Netflix live special called "Selective Outrage," Rock explored the controversy of the slap for the first time. Ahead of the hour-long special, Rock joked: "People say words hurt. But those people haven't been punched." Getting smacked by Suge Smith is something every single person knows. It still hurts. I have 'Summertime' ringing in my ears." Rock said. "Everybody knows, every single one of you."

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