The Hypnotist Gone Wild; Lucas' Hypnosis Session Leads to a New Person of Interest in Abigail's Murder

The Hypnotist Gone Wild; Lucas' Hypnosis Session Leads to a New Person of Interest in Abigail's Murder

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The couple gets married in the Salem Inn room. He falls as he confesses he sold her ring to buy Gwen's. She says, "Now you can put that ring back on my finger." He looks down as he realizes he sold her ring to buy Gwen's.

Having thought she was done with him, he ran off with Rex. While she understands, she seethes about Gwen drugging her. As a result, Xander declares that he will never forgive Gwen. As Sarah notes again, she was lucky someone was always around to talk her down when she hallucinated. Someone could have been seriously hurt by her.

The question arises as to what Gwen's ring will be used for. In exchange for her ring, he'll swap it back at the pawn shop. All they need now is an officiant. Maggie should marry Bonnie and Justin, Xander suggests. Then he kisses her and confirms, "We're doing this.".

Her new bunkmate Kristen joins her while Gwen reads in her cell. Her surprise at being caught surprises, Gwen. Her daughter made her choose to be there. Kristen accuses Gwen of killing Abigail for exposing her at Xander's wedding after they bicker. During the incident, Gwen was locked up.

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She defends him when Kristen rants about Xander separating her from Rachel. She laments, however, the happy ending he and Sarah shared. Because Sarah is still off, Kristen believes it's only a matter of time before they implode. After all, they might not be riding off into the sunset.

A tablet is found by Nancy in the Square. Gloats that Clyde did not kill Abigail. He bought stolen jewelry. It is the person who bought it that kills. The crime is already in custody, Leo counters. Nancy doesn't believe the article about Lucas. The cops are barking up the wrong tree, she declares.

Lucas is hypnotized as Marlena questions him about Abigail's death. Then he banged on Abigail's front door, drinking tequila in the park and drinking tequila. Having not heard from her, he went to the wet bar to get a drink. He sliced his hand while cutting a lemon. There was a noise upstairs.

In hiding, he saw someone hurry down the stairs. Lucas says, "Oh my God," as his eyes fly open. She interrupts Clyde at the Pub after Rafe falsely arrests him.Taking on the Salem PD could bring back what he did to EJ. “Who the hell are you?” Clyde asks.” She introduces herself as Jada Hunter. Taking a break. Rafe says that was impressive. What does that mean?”

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As Rafe reminds Jada, they first have to have this interview, but Steve recommended her highly. Jada recalls that her father, Marcus Hunter, was good friends with Steve. His welcome to Salem PD follows their discussion of Abigail's murder case. Clyde runs into Nancy outside the pub.

Her happiness at seeing him free is contagious. She apologizes for receiving a stolen bracelet from him. The things she's used to being out of his reach, so he would like to give her a nice present, but he cannot afford it. The only thing Nancy wants is a man who will love her and be honest with her.

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The weasel who sold the bracelet to Clyde wishes he could figure out who he was. As Clyde declares he will have trouble if he finds out who tripped him up, Leo glares at them from afar. Sarah and Maggie discuss their disbelief that Lucas is responsible for Abigail's death when they meet at the Kiriakis mansion.

Maggie is then asked to marry Sarah and Xander by Sarah. While she was away, Maggie noted that Xander was a broken man. She says she's back now, and they can begin their new life together. After Sarah's wedding, she returns to Maggie in her wedding gown in the living room. They are joined by Xander in his kilt.

The pawn shop still had her original wedding ring, which he puts on her finger. Besides wedding bands, he also presents wedding rings. They should become husband and wife, Maggie suggests. As Marlena searches for Rafe and Jada in the squad room, she finds Rafe and Jada.

When she tells Lucas that he remembers something from the night Abigail was murdered, she beams. Rafe then calls Chad to tell him someone of interest is being brought in. Jada enters the Kiriakis living room just as Maggie is about to marry Gwen and Xander. Sarah must be questioned, she declares.

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