The Gogglebox family reveals a 'secret' brother who was not permitted to appear on the show

The Gogglebox family reveals a 'secret' brother who was not permitted to appear on the show

Updated on December 29, 2022 14:50 PM by Anna P

Channel 4 Gogglebox favorites, the Baggs family, have revealed a "secret" sibling who was not allowed to be on the show. They recently revealed their brother Danny in a TikTok video, which stunned fans. Parents Lisa and Terry appear on the show with kids Joe and George. Mum Lisa shared the footage with her secret son and captioned it: "Our secret brother on Gogglebox."

Fan's assumption on Channel 4

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It was previously revealed that Lisa's son Danny was in a family photo to celebrate her 50th birthday. Other members of Lisa's Essex-based family had previously chosen not to participate in the show's 2020 season due to the flu outbreak. Fans immediately assumed they had been dropped by Channel 4. Lisa assured them they could not film the current episode because of Coronavirus restrictions. I had a wonderful relationship with Channel 4, and I hope to work with them again soon." Joe addressed the rumors of his ouster.

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Response from the crew

As a family, we decided to take a series off because there were not enough cameras to go around to the entire cast due to the lockdown. The crew said that we have inevitably been criticized, but the producers assured us that it is common and does not cause people to be cut from the show. In September, Gogglebox began its eighth series with the clan, and viewers were glad to see them again. There will be a brand-new series of Gogglebox in February, and Lee and Jenny have confirmed they will appear as cast members

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