The Bold and Beautiful endings

The Bold and Beautiful endings

The show Bold and Beautiful has seen quite a bit of ups and downs through the past few weeks but seems like everything is ending well with some steamy passion and love.

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Bold and Beautiful 

The American TV show Bold and Beautiful has gone through a lot of twists since last week and now it looks like there is going to be some happiness during the coming weeks. 

Meeting the son

Finn finally meets his and holds his baby son in Monte Carlo and tells his wife Steffy that this was the moment he was waiting for. He also tears uo holding his son after months. Taylor lays her head on Ridge’s shoulder as they watch the emotional scene unfolding.

The updates 

Back at the Forrester Creations, Brooke gives an update to Katie about Steffy and Finnon the phone and Katie seems sure to point out that Bill did a good thing. Brooke then asks Deacon what he is doing to which he explains that Hope had asked her to come by as she wanted to show her dad the new designs for Hope for the Future. She didn’t know her mother was still there, and had assured Deacon that Ridge was in Monaco. Deacon then reflects on how happy Ridge and Taylor must be for Steffy and Finn

Teary eyed Steffy 

Back in the city of Monaco, Kelly asks her mother why she is getting emotional to which Steffy explains that they are tears of happiness. Before Ridge advises that they give the small family some room, Taylor says that her heart is bursting and starts taking pictures of them. Ridge declares he will always remember this moment when Taylor welcomes Finnhome. As her parents show their affection, Steffy approaches to give them a hug.

Joy and happiness

In their suite, Taylor does a happy dance of joy to which Ridge questions as to what she is doing. Taylor seems to be overjoyed as they keep joking until Taylor shows him some photos of their daughter with her family. Taylor decides she’ll post it so people can see that Finn is alive and Steffy and Finn are together again, and their girl is completely fine. 

A beach trip 

In the other suite. Finn tells Kelly that he is sorry fir being away all the time and suggests a trip down the beach. Steffy states that there is nothing he should be sorry about and mentions that they are happy to have him back. Finn quips that they won’t get rid of him again. This is where he wants to be for the rest of his life. Steffy gushes, “We love you,” and Kelly adds, with arms spread wide that they love him so much. 

The wandering Deacon 

Back at the Forrester, Deacon tells Hope that her line is great and she tells him that she is glad he liked it. Deacon then wonders wheather his daughter has ever thought about modelling as a career. Brooke calls them over to see Taylor’s photo of Steffy. After seeing it they seem to express their happiness and exclaim it to be a work of destiny for the second time. 

The blow up 

In Monaco, Taylor’s phone blows up with many likes and comments and they are all about Steffy and Finn. Ridge then wonders that the world ought to celebrate them for what they have endured. Taylor says that she does not want to think about Sheila; she would like to focus on all the good rather than the negative. Ridge remarks that they went through something too, and Taylor recognizes that they’re always there for one another when it counts.


Outside in Monte Carlo,Finn and Steffy canoodle. Steffy wonders that she cannot believe that they are doing this as she thought he was gone while coming back was all he thought about. Finn assures her it’s real and then enthuses about the magic of Monaco.Steffy  shows her husband his ring; she carried it with her always because it made her feel close to him. Placing it back on his finger, something she never thought she’d be doing this again. 


By the beach, Steffy still cannot believe that her husband is back to which Finn recalls how he would think of her when he was recovering and promised himself and her that he would keep fighting. He also thinks about how painful it must have been for her, thinking he was dead all this time. Steffy nods. Their perfect little family was gone, like it never existed. She vows never to take him or their love for granted and the both kiss leaving the viewers waiting for the next episode. 

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