The 10 Costliest Bird Breeds in the World

The 10 Costliest Bird Breeds in the World

Updated on August 11, 2022 11:22 AM by Laura Mendes

Birds' plumage is mesmerizing due to its variety and colors, which can remind one of a gemstone or sunset. They conjure images of treasure.

Some birds are valued for their songs rather than just their pretty feathers. They are adaptable, enjoyable, edible, and practical. Every continent has birds, and Antarctica is home to penguins.

Racing Pigeons – $90,900 – $1.4 Million

The history of racing pigeons is fascinating. The military has historically used them to transmit messages across the globe, and modern races can offer significant cash payouts. Unfortunately, this area has a seedy, dark underworld where races frequently kill birds.

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Palm or Goliath Cockatoo – $16,000

These sly color-changers look gorgeous in black and red. When the bird is excited about something, the patches on its cheeks literally change color. The wealthy of the world keep these brilliant beauties as house pets even though they are from New Guinea. They can outlive their keepers like many larger bird species because they can live up to 90 years.

Hyacinth Macaw – $7,000-40,000

While the cost may change, the indigo beauty never changes. The blue feathers and yellow cheeks of the Hyacinth Macaw are well-known characteristics. According to the IUCN, they are the world's most sought-after and endangered parrots. These long-lived birds are also renowned for their intelligence and disposition, which is obvious from just one glance. They are inexpensive to house and feed, but simple to train. Additionally, bear in mind that this unusual pet isn't the safest companion to have because it can crack a coconut with its beak.

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Toucan – $8000

Tropical rainforest birds are called toucans. Unsurprisingly, these birds rank among the top five most expensive birds due to their recognizable beaks. Whatever draws you to the 40 species of toucans—perhaps it's your childhood love of a particular cereal—they are a very unusual animal. But unless you have an aviary, they might not be the best choice for a pet because they are noisy roommates who are notorious for being raspy and very loud.

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Ayam Cemani Chicken – $2500

Sometimes, color is everything. The chicken from Ayam Cemani is black. Not just having black feathers, but being entirely black. It has entirely black eyes, meat, skin, and even bones. Its blood is the only thing that isn't black, but if a breeder could figure out a way to match that as well, we're sure they would. These chickens have been dubbed the "Lamborghini," and their price tag confirms it.

Flamingo – $1000

It makes sense that so many people purchase the plastic version for their lawns because maintaining the live version is, shall we say, prohibitively expensive at a cool thousand dollars per bird. However, flamingos are happier in wild flocks, so it's all right. Their shrimp diet gives them their distinctive pink color; as you might expect, they are excellent swimmers. A flamingo can also fly at speeds of up to 35 mph. That's pretty amazing for a creature with long legs that don't exactly look aerodynamic.

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Scarlet Tanager – $900

These stunning red-feathered birds are another species of red bird native to North America. They lack the mystique of their cardinal cousins, and we are unsure of why they would be so in demand. They are certainly attractive, but they aren't quite peacocks (a species that incidentally did not make this list). Our best assumption is that they are incredibly difficult to catch.

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Northern Oriole – $850+

This bird's vivid yellow color makes it a hybrid species. The Baltimore Orioles and the Bollock's Orioles share genetic ancestry. These tiny beauties have traveled to some unexpected foreign countries despite being primarily American birds. In addition to the shores of Ireland and England, they have been spotted in Europe. That is a long journey for such a small person to take.

Mountain Bluebird – $850

The Mountain Bluebird's near-iridescent has a certain quality that draws the eye and keeps it there. It makes sense why these tiny blue stunners are so expensive. Mountain Bluebirds don't require as much maintenance as some of the other prizes on this list, and they do just fine with a nest box. It's possible to attract a family of these treasures without spending nearly $1,000 if you build well and reside in the right area.

Northern Cardinal – $800

These tiny red birds are brilliantly colored, full of life, and have an interesting past. In some regions, Native Americans believed they were in charge of sending messages to our ancestors on the other side. Maybe that explains why they are so expensive to purchase.

The priciest bird on this list belongs to a fairly unattractive species that isn't well-known for its music or appearance.

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