Shocking Update on Stanford; “And Just Like That Gives a Big Exposé On The Latest Episode

Shocking Update on Stanford; “And Just Like That Gives a Big Exposé On The Latest Episode

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Shocking Update on Stanford; “And Just Like That Gives a Big Exposé On The Latest Episode

(Shocking Update on Stanford; “And Just Like That Gives a Big Exposé On The Latest Episode/Image Credits:Entertainment Weekly)

If you’ve been following the show “And Just Like That” you’ll notice that Stanford has slowly faded away from the spotlight with no explanations…until this week, that is.

Thursday’s episode came with a truck load of reveal on Stanford who was Carrie’s gay bestie, played by the late Willie Garson. 

The last time Stanford featured in the show, he was jetting off to Japan on a tour with his Tean TikTok star after filing for divorce from his husband Anthony. In this week big reveal, Anthony was invited for dinner and cocktails by Carrie where she told him “Stanford asked me to speak to you.” After which she produced a letter written Stanford saying that he was staying in Japan and becoming a Shinto monk?!  Dramatic right! Even Anthony couldn’t believe his ears either. He appeared shocked and wanted to know more details.

According to Carrie, Stanford stated in his letter that he got dumped by his TikTok client, and he took refuge in a Japanese temple: “Carrie, for the first time in my life, I found peace. Real peace.” He even included a photo of himself smiling in monk’s robes.

That was just the first shock of the evening. Included in his letter was legal documents signing all his material possessions over to Anthony, stating that he no longer needed them in where he was going to. In a heartwarming moment Carrie and Anthony clinked their glasses in a toast: “To Stanny.” 

This depiction of Stanford’s goodbye was a dramatic tribute to Garson a much loved actor who played the role of Stanford.

Garson first starred as Stanford in the movie Sex and the City and later replayed  the role in “And Just Like That” first season, however, his beautiful contribution to the movie was abruptly cut short when he passed away midway through filming. He was just 57.

He featured in just three episodes, but showrunner Michael Patrick King told TVLine that Garson originally “was supposed to be in all 10 episodes” of Season 1. King and the writers came up with the move to Japan “to put some patch to explain his absence. So I tried to make the lightest thin ice to just skate over.”

As Carrie bids farewell to her best friend, her own love life is also in turmoil as the episode also shows another crack in her rekindled relationship with Aidan.

In Thursday’s episode Carrie and Aidan are seen strolling along the Coney Island boardwalk and checking out Steve’s new food booth, where he’ll be serving up hot dogs and clams. 

It was nice to finally see Steve and Aidan back together as friends, but their reunion is interrupted when Aidan gets an urgent call from his son Wyatt, saying: “Mom’s being a real dick.” 

While Carrie gets good news: She won a raffle at Charlotte’s kids’ school and gets a private dinner served at her home by a Michelin-starred chef. She decides to make it a farewell party to her old apartment where she made memories however Aidan is not up for this and declines her invitation to the dinner.

But he opens up once they’re in bed alone explaining the reason why he couldn’t step into her apartment “I was afraid I’d get mad at you all over again.” That was a mistake, he sees now — but their sweet moment is cut short when he gets a frantic call from Kathy. Wyatt broke his collarbone crashing Aidan’s truck into a tree… and he’s only 14. Yikes. Aidan has to fly home right away.

When he gets to Virginia Aidan finds out his kid was badly hurt and blames himself for not being there. The big question is; Are Aidan’s family issues going to be the thing that splits them apart this time?



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