Spoilers of the show GENERAL HOSPITAL

Spoilers of the show GENERAL HOSPITAL

Updated on June 29, 2022 18:26 PM by Anna P

These GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers show that things are getting out of hand! Olivia tries to warn Ned, Drew reveals some terrible news to Carly, Michael makes some moves, and Willow faints; Valentin may be thrilled. Although Valentin feels great after controlling ELQ, he doesn't appear pleased to see a guest. "Anna expresses her concerns while she and Felicia are seated at Kelly's. She argues that "something else but ELQ is going on."She is shocked by her aunt's demeanor. She observes, "It almost sounds like you approve of Sonny and me. In all honesty, Nina could always use another supporter these days.

During the merger at the Quartermaine mansion, she forewarns her husband that the worst is yet to come. She warns, "I don't think you appreciate how horrible this will go." Will he, though? Carly is still blissfully oblivious that her Aurora stocks won't be going up in value now that the ELQ/Aurora merger has been scrapped. He acknowledges, "You probably took a huge knock as well. He says fiercely, "We're going to have to be inventive. But how far will Michael go to achieve his goals? Ignored everyone's concerns and offered assistance. But there's no denying that she has a significant medical issue and collapsed. Sonny manages to catch her in time! God, oh God! Can Willow get the assistance she requires in time?

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